National Kart Racing 2016

(Kolhapur, Maharashtra from 29th September to 2nd October, 2016)

A team of 9 members from the mechanical engineering department of our college designed and fabricated a Gokart and participated in the third season of National Kart Racing Championship, 2016 (NKRC’ 2016).

NKRC is the event which encourages the automobile enthusiasts and provides a platform to enhance their technical and practical knowledge. Competition involves the technical inspection, design evaluation and other dynamic events as well. Following students participated as a Team – The Resolutes from IPEC:

  • Devang jaiswal IVth Yr. ME Team leader
  • Aakash U Nair IVth Yr. ME Member
  • Ayush bhola IVth Yr. ME Member
  • Abhinav bhargav IVth Yr. ME Member
  • Akshay Sharma IVth Yr. ME Member
  • Himanshu kumar IVth Yr. ME Member
  • Nishank yadav IVth Yr. ME Member
  • Anjali singh IVth Yr. ME Member
  • Krishna kumar IIIrd Yr. ME Member
  • Team guide: Mr. Manish Sharma

    The competition was held in Kolhapur, Maharashtra from 29th September to 2nd October, 2016. The event was a huge assemblage of mechanical engineering students from all over India. Around 200 teams from 156 different engineering colleges participated in the event.

    This was the initiation of entering such competitions at the national level and thereby expanding the perimeter of knowledge, experience and exposure in the field of automobile engineering.

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