ICT Based course “Research Methodology” of NITTTR

We are delighted to inform you that IPEC is now Remote Center for ICT Based course “Research Methodology” of National Institutes of Technical Teacher's Training and Research, Chandigarh, MHRD, Govt. of India.

We have two Coordinators Ms. Priyanka D. Gupta & Mr. Mukul Jain for Remote Center at IPEC along with System Admin Mr. Omveer Singh.The Coordinators will supervise the workshops, tutorials and Labs at the Center. They will liaise between the participants and facilitator at NITTTR, Chandigarh.

Session-wise attendance will be maintained for all days to send to NITTTR,Chandigarh for the purpose of certificates of participation.

Course Objectives: The specific course objectives are to enable the participating teachers to identify areas of research, define research problem, review research literature, select appropriate design of research, select appropriate technique of sampling, design tools for collection of data, analyze data and write research report.

Course Contents: Research: Concept, types and process, selecting and defining a research problem, review of related literature, descriptive research, experimental research, correlation research, sampling techniques, measuring tools, descriptive and inferential statistics, writing research report, journal article and funding agencies.

Tasks will be sent to the coordinators for distribution among the participants.

"Looking forward to meaningful STC with lot of interaction."

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