Alumni Connect

“The things taught in schools and colleges are not an education, but the means to an education…”

Mission Statement

To bring all old Students, who studied at College of Engineering,under one forum for exchange of Knowledge, Skill and Experience amongst themselves and to disseminate them to the students of the College of Engineering and to strive for advancement of scientific knowledge for the benefit of the community and country.

Every year, batch of youngsters with dreams to scale great heights enters this esteemed institution and steps out into the corporate world as game changers. Brimming with confidence and harboring lofty ambitions, they bid farewell to IPEC carrying along memories that they would cherish forever. These alumni have grown in stature and stand today as role models worth emulation. With their accomplishments in several fields, they have kept the IPEC flag flying high and by doing so have proven themselves to be a great asset to this institute.

IPEC family is proud to see the kind of alumni it owns and the marks they have made for themselves and the alma mater IPEC, as an Institute, has reached its zenith and has maintained its position for a long time principally due to the strong and influential network of professionals it has generated many of whom are running the leading firms of the world. It has been possible for IPEC to remain agile and responsive to the needs of the market through continuous interaction with industry.