Aditya Tandon

Professional Qualifications

  • M.Tech
  • PhD (Pursuing)

Teaching Experience

  • 9 years’ experience.

Subject of Interest

Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Python Programming, Internet of Things, Data Science.

Academic Achievements

4 Academic Awards, 3 E-books, YouTube EdTech Channel: 108K+ subscribers.

International Conferences:


  1. Safe Balcony System and a Method for Escaping Casualties Therefrom (Application No. 202211003218).
  2. A Method for Authenticating Handwritten Signatures to Mitigate Fraudulent Activities (Application No. 202211003406).
  3. Deaf and Blind Communication System (Application No. 202211012991).
  4. IoT Based Health Management System (Application No. 202211012988).
  5. IoT Based Cold Storage Management System (Application No. 202211012013).
  6. IoT based Blood Bank System (Application No. 202211012424).

Areas of Interest:

Software-defined Networking, Internet of Things, Data Science