Pooja Tripathi

Professional Qualifications

  • B. Tech: Electronics and Telecommunications (Hons.)
  • M. Tech: Information Technology
  • Ph.D: Computer Science and Engineering

Teaching Experience

23 years of Experience with 19 Years of teaching experience in Engineering Institutions and 4 years of industrial experience as Sr Software Engineer multinational Organization.

Subject of Interest

Big Data Analytics, Web Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block Chain, IoT, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logics

Academic Achievements

Attended UKEIRI program sponsored by AICTE . International Cambridge Certified Trainer with Distinction Grade. CMMI Level 5 Certified Professional by Charted Management Institute, London on Technical Leadership Awards and Recognitions
  • Key Note Speaker on “Engineering Profession: Issues and Promises” National Conference on Engineering profession: Vision 2020” organized by Engg council of India. 2009.
  • Organized and Chaired various conferences sessions
  • Key Note Speaker on "Factors Effecting the Higher Education" National Conference organized by ECI in November 2012
  • Key Note Speaker on "Mapping of Course Objectives/Outcomes with Program Outcome in Faculty Initiation Program - Interactive Exploratory Program for Academic Leadership Excellence" organized at IPEC ,January 2014
  • Key Note Speaker on "Campus to Corporate" Training Program for Preparing students for placement Drives September, 2015
  • Organized Special Session on "Computational Intelligence to sustainable Computing through Data sciences" in IEEE Sponsored Conference
  • Session as a Chair Person on "High Performance Computing" track in IEEE Sponsored Conference
  • Key Note Speaker on National Conference by Engg Council of India 2016 on 28th November 2016
  • Panelist on E-learning : Future in Industry Academia Meet organized by Huwaei Communication in March 2017
  • Best SPOC for Infosys Campus Connect Program 2017 .
  • Best SPOC for Infosys Campus Connect Program 2018
  • Jury Member for India Skills Competition in 2018 at Lucknow
  • Key Note Speaker in International Webinar organized by DAV Hoshiarpur , Jalandhar in May 2019
  • Key Note Speaker in International Conference organized by OSIET in Chennai in 18h April2020
Research Publications: More than 30 + papers published in International Journals such as Inderscience, Emerald, Scopus Journals and Conferences published by Springers and IEEE Explore 2019-20
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2011- 2012
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Patent Published
  • Title of Australian Patent : “Blockchain Based Integrated Forecast , Demand and Supply chain management system for market place with the approach of machine learning : 2021101251
  • Title of India Patent “Machine Learning based process for medical Data Pattern Identification and Application with Visualization in User Interface . Application Number 202131008193
Research Grants
  • Received Grant of Rs 3.0Lacs from NSTEDB Department of Science and Technology , Govt.Of India in the year 2018
Consultancy Projects
  • Provided Consultancy to the Sponsored Project worth Rs 5.0 Lacs from Ministry of Small Medium Enterprises (MSME) Govt of India under the scheme “Support for Entrepreneurship Managerial SMEs through Incubators” for the duration FROM July 2014 -2018.
  • Worked for the problem solving of the various Industries day to day to activity and to bridge the Gap between Industry and Academia to name some M/s AEM , Noida , M/s Paharpur Cooling Tower, Sahibabad.
  • Working in close vicinity with Industries and International Linkages for various Joint Activities
  • Book on Multimedia Systems published by Shubham Publications in 2008

Area of Interest

.Big Data Analytics, Web Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block Chain, IoT, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logics., HR Analytics , Web Mining.