Swati Vaid

Swati VaidAssociate Professor

Professional Qualifications

  • B.Tech :ECE
  • M.Tech :Digital Communication
  • Ph.D :ECE (2017)

Teaching Experience

7 years

Research Experience

6 years
Microwave Engineering, Antenna

Academic Achievements

Journal Publications:
  • Swati Vaid, and Ashok Mittal. "High Gain Planar Resonant Cavity Antennas based on Metamaterial and Frequency Selective Surfaces." AEU-International Journal of Electronics and Communications ,Volume 69, Issue 9, September 2015, Pages 1387–1392. Elsevier (Impact Factor- 0.786)
  • Swati Vaid, and Ashok Mittal. “A Low Profile Dual Band Resonant Cavity Antenna”, International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering, Vol. 27, Issue 2, Feb. 2017. Wiley ( Impact factor-0.524 )
  • Swati Vaid, and Ashok Mittal. “Wideband Orthogonally Polarized Resonant Cavity Antenna with dual layer Jerusalem cross partially reflective surface”, Progress In Electromagnetics Research C (PIER C), Vol. 72, pp. – 105-113, 2017( Impact factor-2.87 )
  • Swati Vaid, and Ashok Mittal. “Wide-band dual sense circularly polarized resonant cavity antenna for X band applications”. Progress In Electromagnetics Research C. 2018;88:285-95
  • Swati Vaid, Ashok Mittal, and UC Ray. “IR Attenuation Estimation in a Free-Space Environment with Sand and Dust Particles”. IETE Journal of Research. 2022 Feb 5:1-8.
  • P Kumar ,S Vaid , S Singh, J Kumar , A Kumar, S Dwari. “Design of 3D printed multi-wavelength DRA”. IETE Technical Review. 2021 Nov 2;38(6):662-71.
Conference Publications:
  • Swati Vaid and Ashok Mittal, :‘An Investigation of Circular Patch Antenna on Pin-bed type RIS’, Proc. Of Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC 2013), Nov. 5~8, 2013, Coex , Seoul-South Korea, pg. 170-172.
  • Meenamaurya, Swati Vaid, Ashok Mittal, :'Directivity enhancement of circularly polarized microstrip antenna using split ring FSS superstrate', Proceedings of 4th International conference on computing, communication and networking technologies , july 4-6, 2013, Tiruchengode ,Tamil Nadu- India, session 24, pg. 18-22.
  • Karishma Sharma, Swati Vaid, and Ashok Mittal, ‘Dual-polarized resonant cavity antenna using slotted-circular patch FSS’, RF and Microwave Conference (RFM), 2013 IEEE International, pp. 75-78. IEEE, 2013.
  • Swati Vaid, and Ashok Mittal. "A three layer circularly polarized resonant cavity antenna." Microwave and RF Conference (IMaRC), 2014 IEEE International, pp. 45-48. IEEE, 2014.
  • Swati Vaid, Ashok Mittal, and UC Ray. “A Computational Model for the estimation of IR Attenuation in Duststorm with varying visibility”. In 2020 7th International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN) 2020 Feb 27 (pp. 563-566). IEEE.
  • Printed Circuit Antenna with Improved Directivity and Gain using Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) with Unique split ring geometry as Partially Reflecting Elements array‟ (Inventors-Swati Vaid, Ashok Mittal) applied in India, 25, Sept 2013. Application No.- 2832/DEL/2013A

Areas of Interest:

Frequency selective surfaces and Metamaterial based Antennas