GauravAssistant Professor

Professional Qualifications

  • B.Tech: Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Tech: Thermal and Fluid Engineering

Teaching Experience:

5 Years’ Experience in teaching.

Subject of Interest:

Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Power Plant Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Fundamental of Mechanical System, Heat and Mass Transfer, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, Theory of Machine and Machine Design, Energy System, Mechanical Vibration, Design of Machine Element, Total Quality Management, Design of Machine Element.

Academic Achievements:

NPTEL Online Certification in Courses of-
  1. Law of Thermodynamics- 93%.
  2. Conduction and Convective Heat Transfer- 99%

International publication:

  • Influence of working fluids on start-up mechanism and Thermal performance of closed loop pulsating heat pipe, Applied Thermal Engineering. (2016-17).
  • Experimental Investigations on the Effect of Influencing Parameters on Operating Regime of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe. (2017-18).
  • An idea of introducing back swept blading over conventional radial gas turbine – A Review. (2018-19).
  • An experimental data analysis of close loop pulsating heat pipe. (2021-22).
  • An experimental analysis of close loop pulsating heat pipe. (2022-23) (In progress)

Areas of Interest:

Thermal and Fluid Engineering and Non-Conventional Energy.