Kanika Singhal

Kanika SinghalAssistant Professor

Professional Qualifications

  • B.Tech: CSE
  • M.Tech: CSE

Teaching Experience

  • 9 years’ experience teaching courses on undergraduate level

Subject of Interest

Database Management System, Operating System, Software Engineering, Computer Organisation and Architecture.

Academic Achievements

International Journals
  • “Captcha Generation For Secure Web Services”, published in Volume-2, Issue-10, April 2013, International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology (IJEIT).
  • “Different Combination of Color and Noise in Captcha Generation", published in Volume-4, Issue-2 April-June, 2013,International Journal of Computer Science and Telecommunication (IJCST).
  • “Captcha Generation Using Time Variance” published in Volume-3,Issue-5 May-2013,International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering (JARCSSE).
  • "Captcha Generation using Markov Text" published in International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering (IJARCSSE) Paper Id- 63I9-0266, Vol. 3, Issue 9,September 2013.
  • “Network Designing based on OSPF EIGRP Routing Protocol & their Comparison Using Network Simulator”, published in Vol.4 Issue.4, Oct to Dec 2013 in International Journal of Computer Science and Telecommunication (IJCST).
  • “Signcryption based on elliptic curve cryptosystems” in Volume 3, Issue 2 of International Journal of Innovations and Advancement in Computer Science.
  • 5G wireless network security strategies and security issues or it’s uses in 5G networks” in International Journal of Innovation Technology and Exploring engineering, Volume 9,Issue-7,May 2020.
  • “Monetization of Youtube Content Using data mining techniques” in International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research, Volume 9,Issue 2,February 2020.

International Conferences

  • Video processing using data mining” in Proceedings of International conference in Mechanical and energy technology, Smart innovation, systems and Technologies, Springer Nature Singapore.
  • ”Analysis of Youtube Channel Analytics and affiliate marketing with Operating System” in Advances in communication and computational technology, Springer nature Singapore.
  • “Analysis of Online Media Content using data science techniques” at 3rd IEEE International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication control and Networking.