Pranshu Saxena

Pranshu SaxenaAssistant Professor

Professional Qualifications

  • B.Tech : Information Technology
  • M.Tech :CSE
  • Ph D(pursuing):in CSE

Teaching Experience

8 years experience teaching courses on undergraduate and postgraduate levels

Subject of Interest

Data Structure, Discrete Structure and Graph Theory, Computer Networks, Nuraul Networks

Academic Achievements

International Journals
  • Abhishek Gupta, Ayush Gupta, Nitish Rathuri, Pranshu Saxena, “Item-based Collaborative Filtering using Sentiment Analysis of User Reviews”, accepted (publication expected in July 2018) in Communications in Computer and Information Science Springer Series 2018 (Scopus Index).
  • Pranshu Saxena, Anjali Goyal “Demarcation of Biased Cell Nuclei from Histopathological Imaginary by Locally Formulating Energy,” placed in the Informatica Indexed by Elsevier Society.
  • Pranshu Saxena, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Prateek Agrawal, “Texture Classification of Biased Cytoplasmic Tissues from Histopathological Imagery by Gabor Application” published in the Journal of Network and Innovative Computing sponsored by Machine Intelligence Lab vol.1 no.1 pp.239-251.( Scopus Index)
  • Prasenjit kumar Patra, Pranshu Saxena, Rajwinder Singh, “Different aspect Grid Security; Based on User Authenticity and Message-based Security Service: A Review,” in the society Inter. Journal. of Com. Appl. vol. 67 no.24 pp. 21-31 2013.
  • Pranshu Saxena, Prasenjit patra, Neeraj Kumar, “An Energy Aware Approach in Leach Protocol for Balancing the Cluster Head in Setup Phase: An Application to Wireless Sensor Network” in the journal of Information Assurance and Security (JIAS). (Scopus Index).
  • Pranshu Saxena, K.C Tripathi, P.N. PN Hrisheekesha, “Automated Nuclear Architecture of Each Biased Cell Nucleolus from Histological Imagery by Enhanced Contour Algorithm” in International Journal of Graphics & Image Processing. (vol. 4 no. 2)
Reviewer, International Journal/ Conference:
  • ISIEA 2012 (2012 IEEE Symposium on Industrial Electronics and Application,” sponsored by “IEEE Malaysia PEL/IE/IA Joint chapter” in the area of digital (Medical) image processing (May 2012 & June 2013).
  • International Journal of Advanced Computer Research (IJACR)” published under ACCENT society ISSN: 2277–7970, ACCENTS Membership ID: 210682632 (Nov 2012).
  • International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT),” under ESRSA publication. ISSN: 2278-0181 and ISO 3297:2007. (2013).
Reviewed Papers:
  • “Facial Skin Segmentation with Varying Illumination Correction for Evaluation of Facial Surgery” by Mohamad Amin Bakhshali, Mousa Shamsi and Amir Golzarfar. In IEEE Symposium Industrial Electronics and Application ISIEA 2012 OID: 1569611821.
  • “A Secure Personal Identification System Based on Human Retina” by unknown (due to privacy issue/under publication) ISIEA 2013 Object_id: 1569787557
  • “Digital Image Processing Application in Navigation of Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle” by Rostam Affendi Hamzah, Nadzrie Mahmood, and Abdul Halim Dahalan, Faculty of Engineering Technology, UTeM, Malaysia. In IEEE conference ISIEA 2012 OID: 1569788513
  • “Relevance of Data Mining for Presumption of Anarchy” by A.S.Aneeshkumar, Dr. C. Jothi Venkateswaran. (IJACR society)
  • “Improving the Secure Socket Layer by Modifying the RSA Algorithm” by Parshotam and Ravi Prakash.

Areas of Interest:

Pattern Recognition, Intelligent device for Medical Image Interpretation, Automated Image Segmentation, Texture analysis by Gaussian application, Computational grading of various Lymphomas, Computer Network, Internet Security and Cryptography