Shweta Chaku

Professional Qualifications

  • B.Tech :IT
  • M.Tech :Information Technology
  • Ph D:Cloud Computing (Pursuing)

Teaching Experience

15.5 yearsexperience teaching courses on undergraduate and postgraduate levels

Other Experience

1 years as Data Entry Operator in Zoon International Private Limited 6 months in ARCAD Computer centre for Graphic, Designing and Animation

Subject of Interest

Agile Software Development, UML Modelling, Computer Graphics, Soft Computing, Standard ML, Lisp Programming Object Oriented Programming Using C++, Database Management System, Cyber Security, Principles of Programming Language, Multimedia Systems, Software Engineering.

Academic Achievements

  • Prof Shweta Chaku ,”Hiding Compressed and Encrypted Data by Using a Technique of Stegenography” International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology,(IJERT) Vol 9,Issue 4,April 2020
  • Prof Shweta Chaku,”Vector Generation of Reflection And Shearing of 2D Objects: Sequencing in Column Major And Row Major Pattern” Internation Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering(IJRTE) Vol 8,Issue 6,March 2020
  • Prof Shweta Chaku,“2D Transformations Analyzed by both Column Vector and Row Vector Synthesis”International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology(IJEAT) Vol 9,Issue 3,February 2020.
  • Prof Shweta Chaku , “Texture Decomposition using Morphological Image Processing” International Journal of Researchin Electronics and computer engineering (IJRECE) Vol. 3, Issue 2, April-june 2015
  • Prof Shweta Chaku , “Analytical and comparative Approach of laws in Cyber Space (A geographical Spectrum” International journal of advance Research in science and Engineering (IJARSE) Vol. 4, Issue 5, April-june 2015
  • Prof Shweta Chaku , “Extraction of observer pattern and visitor pattern through object oriented technique” International journal of advance Research in science and Engineering (IJARSE) Vol. 4, Issue 5, May 2015
  • NIL.

Areas of Interest:

Agile Software Development, Computer Graphics, Cloud Computing