S P Singh

S P SinghProfessor & Head

Professional Qualifications

  • B.Tech :Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Tech :Energy and Environmental Management
  • PG Diploma: Thermal Power Plant Engineering
  • Ph.D :Mechanical Engineering

Teaching Experience

26 years Teaching as well as Industrial experience.

Subject of Interest

Power Plant Engineering, Applied Thermodynamics, Thermal and Hydraulic Machines, Internal Combustion Engines, Heat and Mass Transfer and Fluid Machinery

Academic Achievements

Blockchain and Cloud computing based Criminal Digital Forensic Investigation and Prediction using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms (Patent Office Journal No. 13/2022 Dated 01/04/2022).
Book Published
  • Revolutionize quality of innovative problem using TRIZ (2023), ASIN: BOCPYTGKWN
  • Elementary Statistics based project: students guide for project writing using Statistics (2023), ASIN:BOCNZ2DV3J

International publication

  • Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Hybrid Furl Based electric Generator, Emerging Trends in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,(2023), Pages 981–987 doi.org/10.1007/978-981-19-6945-4_74.
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Consultancy Provided

  • Preparation of User Manual and design for Series 7, Twin Lobe Blower , Air Cooled and water Cooled Type According to IS 210 and API 619 in 2008 for Vinayaka Engineers, Delhi.
  • Engaged as a freelance consultant for MicroSun Solar Tech. Pvt. Ltd for their off grid solar power system of capacity 450kWp installed at 69 BOPs of ITBP for a period of Five Months ( from 01/09/2013 to 25/02/2014 ).

Areas of Interest:

Thermal, Energy and Environment Management