Our Startups

Rahul Singh

Apeiron Innovations

Project Name: Biometric Voting Machine

Description: this project uses Finger printing recognition, the, advanced substantially during the last decade of the 21th century. Today, identification can be achieved in a few seconds with reasonable accuracy. As a result, the use of automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) that record, store, search, match and identify finger prints is rapidly expanding. AFIS can be integrated with a microcontroller and other peripherals to form an embedded system which is a comprehensive electronic voting machine with fingerprint print identification system.

Peeyush Chauhan

SPS Elevators

Project Name: Solar Energy based Plateform Lift

Description: In this project that is solar energy based platform lift solar energy is used as primary power source. The indigenous technology used consumes very low power as well as provides benefits to the customers by reducing the electricity bill and it requires only a wall for its support.

Shubham Chaudhary

Vansh Chaturvedi

Shubham Pandey

Enfynito Technologies

Project Name: Biker Safety System

Description: The main motto of this project is to develop a very low cost smart system for the riders of a two wheeler. While riding a two wheeler rider faces many major problems including road accidents, emergency help at the time of accident and the navigation related issues in areas which are new to them.

The motive of developing this device is to ensure the below listed points:-

  • Safety first- By ensuring that the vehicle refuses to start until or unless the rider wears the smart helmet.
  • Emergency help- In case of emergency our system detects the accident and within fraction of seconds it sends the emergency message and the exact real time location of rider to his predefined contacts without wasting the crucial time.
  • Ease of Navigation- This system provides sound navigation using blue-tooth controlled speakers attached to rider's helmet.

Vishal Seth

Yashpal Singh

Vikas Yadav

Utkarsh Srivastava

Archit Trivedi

Pritha Innovations

Project Name: Interactive Food ordering

Description: An alternative method for the customers in restaurant is "Food Pre-Order System using Web Based Application" in which customer can be able to create the order before they approach the restaurant using Smartphone. When the customer approach to the restaurant, saved order can be confirmed by touching the Smartphone. The solution provides easy and convenient way to select pre-order transaction form customers.

Rajat Yadav

Blue Technologies

Project Name: Blue Security

Description: Blue Security provides three level of security to the folders in PC or Laptops. People will be able to secure their confidential data. The Three level of security includes Bluetooth pairing between mobile and System, Folder Lock and Encryption. As the level of security is very high, you can allow anyone to use your system without fearing the loss of confidentiality.

Kripesh Jha

Arushi Jain


Fresher Automation

Project Name: Library Automation

Description:Company was started by the graduate students of Inderprastha Engineering College of batch 2015. Company provides technical Solution (automation) in the field of libraries and other areas to envisage the use of resources available and expedite the rate of output and reduce manual effort and provide desirable solutions. Company's first project is running successfully which is an automatic book returning and sorting machine for library purpose and we are further working on the ideas of technical solutions that we can provide to our customers.

Gaurav Gupta

Tejasvee Panwar

Karan Kaushik

Sudhir Kumar

PAV Engineers

Project Name: Demortation of Plant for Sewage Gas

Description: The product is highly useful for small consumers in Delhi and NCR, specifically residing by the side of drains. Features of the system are-

The motive of developing this device is to ensure the below listed points:-

  • It's a simple system and can be easily installed on the drains at low cost.
  • Sewage gas contains methane which is a green house gas with 25 times more green-house effect than Carbon dioxide. Using this gas will reduce green house effect in NCR and country can earn the carbon points.
  • Gas is freely available with negligible running and maintenance cost.
  • Gas is available round the year with slight variation in generation rate.
  • Abhinendra Kumar Patel
  • Abhishek Verma

Adidev Software Solutions

Project Name: Interactive Learning using Augmented Reality

Description:No need to replace existing Education Methodology provided with books. With the help of this technology we only need to place some markers in books and start Learning with updated and multimedia content which will be easy to understand and educate children in very playful manner.

This technology is very new to Indian market. Major players like GE (General Electric) are there for a very long time. There are also various companies who provided interactive education via this technology but they are very costly and forbidden.

Devbrat Upadhyay



Hindustan Cooling Technologies

Project Name: Room Cooling using Water from desert cooler

Description: The product is highly useful in hot and dry areas. Such as desert and places like Delhi with low rain fall. The uniqueness of the product is-

The motive of developing this device is to ensure the below listed points:-

  • It cools the air without humidifying it.
  • It cools two spaces simultaneously
  • Less initial cost as compared to air conditioners
  • Low running and maintenance cost
  • Highly reliable
  • More effective than AC at higher temperatures.

Dheeraj Kr. Jaiswal

Sansar Swaroop Saxena

Abhishek Raj

Alok Rana