Labs and Workshop

Electronic Circuit Lab

IPEC is one of the most preferred engineering college in Ghaziabad Delhi NCR.

This laboratory is to impart the basic knowledge of different devices, electronic components, their characteristics and to gain practical knowledge in the area of electronic components and their applications. The Lab is well equipped with hardware facilities required by the students to perform the necessary experiments designed for this lab. Experiments are designed in such a way that the students become well aware of the concepts they learn in the theory sessions.

The Primary objective of this Lab is:

  • To provide engineering skills by way of breadboard circuit design with electronic devices and components.
  • To design and analyze various Electronic circuits applications of operational amplifiers, RC coupled amplifiers, oscillators etc. so that students are able to understand the practical aspects of basic electronics theory.

Hydraulic and Machine Lab

Hydraulic Machines laboratory is equipped with a number of equipment and experimental setups to study the fundamentals and applied aspects of hydraulic machines.

Measurements of Performance parameters like efficiency, flow rate etc of various hydraulic machines such as turbines, pumps are also measured in this lab.

The lab is equipped with centrifugal pump and reciprocating pump, other types of Hydraulic machines in which students can find out the performance test and efficiency at different operating conditions.

The purpose of this laboratory is to enhance the understanding of students in the field of Hydraulic machines. The experiments here are designed to demonstrate the applications of the basic fluid mechanics principles and to provide a physical understanding of the theory. The faculty explains the working principle, the standard measurement techniques of Hydraulic mechanics and their applications.

Chemistry Lab

The Engineering Chemistry Laboratory has been designed to provide B.Tech first year students with a basic understanding of the chemistry that may be required by engineers in the course of their careers. The students will be able to understand and explain scientifically the various chemistry related problems in the industry or during engineering and develop experimental skills for building technical competence. Also, students will be able to enhance the thinking capabilities in the modern trends in Engineering & Technology, learn and apply basic techniques used in chemistry laboratory. The basic aim of the experiments conducted in the Laboratory is to train the students as both scientists and engineers in order to enhance their problem solving abilities and mould them into successful professionals and responsible citizens.

Physics Lab

Physics Lab at IPEC ensures Learning by Doing for Budding Engineers. The lab provides opportunity to ensure fundamental conceptual clarification needed for technological strengthening. The lab provides a platform for integrating different disciplines of Engineering like Electronics and Communication, Information Technology, Computer Science Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with the fundamentals of Physics. The Physics Lab with a rich and varied collection of experimental set-ups covering all domains of Physics ensures overall enriching experience for all learners.

Computer Lab

The IPEC computer labs provide computer and internet facilities to students, faculty and staff in the college. The 15 fully furnished labs with core i3 and i5 processors are typically equipped with latest software platforms and applications. The 400 Mbps Optic Fiber link provides 24*7 access to internet connectivity. The department is a certified partner of Oracle Academy and Cisco Network Academy through which students can avail the certification. The computer Centre regularly updates the IT facilities such as hardware, software and networking as per the requirements. These facilities are an integral part of the curriculum. Students are expected to use computers in their day-to- day study in order to meet the challenges of modern learning and to keep pace with global scenario. A set of dedicated rack mounted servers are deployed in a fully networked configuration based on the concept of server computing. In addition to the computers, there is access to wide range of facilities including documentation, advice and training on supported software. All forms the back bone of our infrastructure.

Mechanical Workshop

The basic objective of Mechanical workshop in IPEC is to provide exposure to the students with hands on experience on engineering practices, Study and perform various operations in lathe, shaper, drilling, milling and various other machines and to equip with the practical knowledge required in the core industries and acquire knowledge on various basic machining operations in special purpose machines and its applications in real time manufacturing of components in the industries. Workshop contains two Center of Excellence Professional Welding Lab and other is Professional Sand -Casting Lab. In both labs New equipment’s were added, and a new laboratory was Setup to cater the need of the students for skill development & employment generation. This lab also helps in promoting the research work among M. Tech. and B. Tech. students.

The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory course is an indispensable supplement to the theory in IPEC. It covers measuring devices and techniques, error analysis in experimental works and analysis of assumptions in the theory of fluid mechanics. Hydraulics and fluid mechanics, or the study of liquids, is an important area for Mechanical Engineers. Whether designing a steam engine, or working on pump or turbine, Mechanical Engineers need to know how the water or liquid is going to move or operate. This allows them to create and maintain important machines that power our everyday world. A large number of experiments could be performed in the laboratory to demonstrate the principles of hydraulics and fluid mechanics deals with the different experiments. The main objective of this Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Lab is to build fundamental concepts combined with strong analytical and problem-solving abilities that would form the backbone of many other subjects in higher educations.

Central Workshop

The library of IPEC has a very good collection of total 120264 Books and 75 national print journals / magazines on all offering branches of Engineering, Computer Science and Applied Science & Humanities. IPEC library is a member of AKTU Nalanda e-Consortium for in-campus online access and Remote access of 1708 e-Journals and 4651 e-Books of Science Direct, Springer Nature, Wiley, Taylor & amp; Francis, Pearson, Cambridge University press, etc. using MyLoft App. For resource sharing and borrow of books from other member libraries from all over India, IPEC library is also a member of DELNET.