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VE Cell

Why Human Value & Professional Ethics?

Education is the key determinant of how the student utilizes the skills imparted for self-centered purposes or also for broader societal & environmental good. Human education facilitates human conduct and the development of humane society, otherwise education results in inhuman conduct and degradation of society and environment. We are witness to the conduct exhibited by the students, not only here, but world-wide. Due to lack of right understanding we have reached a point where we can clearly see the results of our collective education system problems such as pollution, resource depletion, and extinction of animals, global warming, terrorism and even threats to the human race on earth.

This need for value based education has been repeatedly highlighted by various commissions and expert committees on education (Dr. Radhakrishnan, Dr. Kothari, UNESCO declaration on service to society and so on).

The scope of education is to understand ones purposefulness or goal, both as an individual, as well as a society. Education should facilitate students to have the understanding, commitment, competence and the practice of living with definite Human conduct and to participate in the development of a humane society.

Education must be clearly about understanding (what to do?), learning skills (how to do?) and practicing the understanding & skills, leading to fulfillment of human purpose. Understanding of what to do, what is valuable is required and learning how to do is also required. Both are required. Human education must enable the student to (in order of priority):

Develop Right Understanding By sharing the understanding of what to do (Value Education)

  • Develop Right Skills by teaching how to do (Technical Education)
  • Practice Right living during the period of education.
  • Living in relationship with human being leading to mutual happiness
  • Living in relationship with rest-of-nature leading to mutual prosperity

Over a period of time, such value-based education can contribute to the development of a humane society.The department will contribute, through Value Education, to the world view that is required for a humane society.