Funded Projects

List of Funded projects

S No Project Title Company Name Incubatee Name Grant Funding Agency
1 Sense and monitor various gases (Industry Pollution) - Dr. Sapna Gambhir 12.75 Lakh MSME
2 Blue Security Blue Technologies Arushi Jain 5.95 Lakh MSME
3 Interactive Food Ordering Pritha Innovations Archit Trivedi 5.10 Lakh MSME
4 Power Efficient E-Home Elexon Technology Rahul Singh 5.95 Lakh MSME
5 Biker Safety System Enfinyto Technologies Yashpal Singh 5.10 Lakh MSME
6 Solar Energy Based Platform Lift SPS Elevators Shubham Chaudhary 6.25 Lakh MSME
7 Biometric Voting Machine Apeiron Innovations Piyush Chauhan 6.25 Lakh MSME
8 Room Cooling Using Chilled Water from Desert Cooler Hindustan Cooling Technologies Sansar Swaroop Saxena 5.60 Lakh MSME
9 Interactive Learning Using Augmented Reality Adidev Software Solutions DevbratUpadhayay 5. Lakh MSME
10 Demortation of Plant for Sewage Gas PAV Engineers Abhinendra Kr. Patel 5.60 Lakh MSME
11 Library Automation Fresher Automation Rajat Kr. Katiyar 5.60 Lakh MSME
12 Magnetic Lifting - Shivika Singh 12000/- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow
13 Mars Magneto Sphere - Aviral Sharma 12000/- AKTU, Lucknow
14 Fire Fighting Robot - Shiva Mittal 12000/- AKTU, Lucknow
15 Smart Bin - Sachin Kardam 12000/- AKTU, Lucknow
16 Green Bin - Himanshu Deshwal 12000/- AKTU, Lucknow
17 Smart Farming: IOT Based Farming - Avnish Kumar 12000/- AKTU, Lucknow