Academic Alliances

Academic Alliances

Launched by Infosys in May 2004, CC is a unique academia-industry initiative to “architect the education experience”.

The goal is to build a sustainable partnership with engineering education institutions in India and abroad for mutual benefit; producing “industry ready” recruits.

Main objective in launching the CC programme is to enhance the quality and quantity of the IT talent-pool; sustain the growth of the IT industry itself. Instead of focussing on increasing the number of engineering colleges, or the number of graduates the intention is to focus on increasing the employability of students.

As per predictions, by the year 2040, Asia, especially the Indian subcontinent will have the maximum number of working professionals in the world! Doesn’t this throw up huge possibilities? Clearly we have a plethora of opportunities staring us in the face. The future looks bright and promising…all we need to do is work towards it.

Currently Infosys has more than 300 engineering colleges under their wing, and the numbers are growing steadily.

IPEC is an integral part of this programme since 2006. Since then hundreds of students have benefited from this program and were placed in good companies like Infosys, HCL, IBM, TCS etc. Faculties from the institute have participated in various FDP and technical events at Infosys and won accolades.


  • Mr. From Infosys gave a talk on Agile Technologies at I Gear up session organized at IPEC for Infosys placed students on 18th Apr’2017.
  • Mr. Krishan Kumar, and Mr. Amit Kaushik, participated in the FEP on “Foundation Program 5.0” held at Infosys ,Chandigarh from 14th to 16 December 2016. With A+ Grade which is having inspire credit 12 points for FEP Participation.
  • Virtual Participation on “Content Guru” and “Distinguished Facilitator” of faculty in Annual Faculty Excellence Award 2016 on 23rd June and 25th June 2016.
  • Under Campus Connect Program, we started batches for Soft Skill Module
  • Launch of New Foundation Module FP 5.0 ( Self Learning Module)


  • Prof. Pooja Tripathi, SPOC, Infosys Campus Connect and Ms Archana Agarwal attended the Felicitation Ceremony on 3oth June 2016 at Infosys Chandigarh.
  • Ms Anajlai Singhal, Ms Archana Agarwal won the Silver , Bronze Partner Award respectively for their active participation and valuable contribution in Campus Connect Program in 2016.


  • Ms. Monika Sainger and Ms. Ragini Karwayun Attended Gearup Session at Infosys Chandigarh DC along with final year Infosys placed students on 29th Apr 2016.
  • In a live Event “Distinguished facilitator” at Infosys DC Chandigarh, Ms. Monika Sainger and Ms. Ragini Karwayun won Second Prize in 2015.
  • Infosys Ltd awarded Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Srivastava Ms. Ragini Karwayun, Ms.Monika Sainger, and Mr. Amit Kr Dwivedi for their valuable contribution in Campus Connect Program in 2015.
  • Mr. Ashwini Kumar and Ms. Garima Pandey attended the FEP at Infosys DC Chandigarh in September 2015.


  • In a live Event “Distinguished facilitator” at Infosys DC Chandigarh, Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Srivastava won Second Prize in 2014.
  • Infosys Ltd awarded Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Srivastava and Ms. Ragini Karwayun for their valuable contribution in Campus Connect Program in 2014.
  • Mr. Amit Kr Dwivedi and Ms. Prachi Vats attended the FEP at Infosys DC Chandigarh in 2014.


  • Infosys Ltd organized a three days Faculty Enablement program on Soft Skills Training. It was attended by 23 faculty from different institutions/universities of NCR. Mr. Manas Tyagi and Mr. Pankaj Bharti were the resource persons for the FEP.
  • Ms. Ragini Karwayun and Ms. Ila Joshi attended a 3 day FEP at Infosys DC Chandigarh in 2012.

The apex body of the IT industry, the National Association of Software and Service Companies(NASSCOM) with the objective to step up the industry-academia interface to strengthen the linkages between requirements of IT industry and the manpower trained in the institutes of higher education.

OBJECTIVE:The main focus of the program is to plan promote and execute an effective partnership between the institution and the industry. Each department has designated a dedicated coordinator known as SPOC from both academia and industry to the program thereby giving it a wide participation. These coordinators are responsible for industries partnership within their department and generate a monthly preview which is discussed during monthly meeting with organization people involved in the program and critical review, suggestions and remedial measures effected.


  • Representatives from industry come to IPEC to mentor faculty and students.
  • Special project life cycle exposure to both students and faculty.
  • Career counseling to students.
  • Identify and help build foundational life skills that industry needs: analysis ,debate and communication.
  • Group event to enhance management and leadership qualities.

Spoken Tutorial is an initiative by the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD), Government of India and is being developed by IIT Bombay. It is an audio-video tutorial tool that helps you learn and use Open Source Software (OSS ). The working of a software is explained by an expert, by its demonstrations on the screen aided by running commentary. A movie of both these audio and video activities is made by a screen cast software, and this movie is called the Spoken Tutorial.

The essence of Spoken Tutorial is such that, it is the recording of the actual session because it captures every step required to elaborate an activity. This makes it a comprehensive solution to document and explain a software or any computer-based activity. The objective of launching and using Spoken Tutorial in Inderprastha Engineering College is to spread the knowledge of technology and Free Open Source Software (FOSS) to learn any software useful in engineering curriculum.

Spoken Tutorial helps the students to:

  • Learn any software, all by yourself or during the lab sessions.
  • Workshops are also being conducted to get acquainted with the open source software and technologies.
  • To get expertise in a particular FOSS using audio-video tutorials.
  • To use the FOSS in their projects and summer Training.

Department of IT, IPEC also conducted workshop as a part of spoken tutorial project in different domains based on open source computer technologies and languages as part of summer training in July 2016 . Department of IT, IPE also conducting various Online Tests of Basic C programming, Python, PHP, Java in October 2016.

The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), a project funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), provides e-learning through on line Web and Video courses in Engineering, Sciences, Technology, Management and Humanities. This is a joint initiative by seven IITs and IISc Bangalore. Other selected premier institutions also act as Associate Partner Institutions.

NPTEL provides free on line course ware in the form of web courses and video lectures. These lectures utilize a multitude of facilities of the video medium such as chalk-and-talk, tablet writing, power point, two and three dimensional animations, interactive codes, etc. Each course comprises approximately 40 video lectures of about 1 hour duration. An online discussion forum is incorporated wherein students can post and review questions. Wherever applicable, course assignments, handouts, self-evaluation tasks, etc. have been integrated. Workshops are routinely conducted for institutes, students, mentors, etc. under the auspices of NPTEL.


The Programme was highlighted on following benefits in regard to joining NPTEL online courses

  • Enhancement of Knowledge for the courses which is free of cost
  • Engraving interests deeper for the course by solving assignments and submitting them periodically
  • Providing assistance from the internal mentors in case of difficulties in understanding the course sessions .(Imp:choose the Mentor from provided internal mentors on line )
  • Providing Scholarship if appeared for Examination. The candidates become eligible to pay 50% of the exam fee.
  • Providing Certification based on how the candidate performs in the Examination for the chosen course and the qualified score upgrades GP. Impressive Resume as courses will be certified by IITs.


The NPTEL Awareness Programme was scheduled on 29 July 2017.This Awareness programme was inaugurated by Prof. Satyaki Roy National Coordinator NPTEL IIT Kanpur.In this Programme Professor Satyaki Roy interacted with students of Inderprastha College of Engineering about joining NPTEL online courses .Following members constituted the NPTEL Team who graced the dias along with Honorable Director Dr. B.C.Sharma;

The presentation served an eye opener for students of IPEC in terms of achieving something that their curriculum doesn’t offer. The Overwhelming figures pertaining to NPTEL achievements enlightened and motivated Mentors to push their respective students even more further in joining these online courses.

  • Prof Satyaki RoyNational Coordinator NPTEL IIT Kanpur
  • Ms Lalty Dutta,Deputy Project Manager NPTEL IIT Kanpur
  • Mr Ajay Kanaujia Deputy Project Manager NPTEL IIT Kanpur
  • Ms Angana Sengupta Local Chapter Coordinator NPTEL IIT Kanpur
  • Mr Bharat Lal Production Engineer NPTEL IIT Kanpur

Six-Week Undergraduate Summer Research Program at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Newark, U.S for the year 2018. (

Goal of the Program is to provide new research facilities and great hands-on opportunity to get directly immersed in active research by working with closely with the highly research oriented faculty at NJIT which is relevant to today’s.

Benefit of Students: Job Opportunities, Self Confidence, Better Grades, Scholarships, Publications, performing research and Pursuing higher studies

DUO-Belgium/Flanders Fellowship Programme was established in 2011 with the aim of promoting exchanges of students between Belgium/Flanders and 4 Asian countries (China, India, South Korea and Vietnam) on a balanced and permanent basis. In this respect, DUO-Belgium/Flanders requires that a PAIR (two persons) of students will be exchanged in the framework of a cooperative project. The amount of the fellowships is Standardized as:

650 Euro/month for Flemish students and 800 Euro/month for Asian students .

1,100 Euro for BOTH the Flemish student and the Asian student for the purpose of travel costs.

The duration of exchange is one semester. A semester is defined as the period including the eventual introduction activities, the period of teaching and the period of preparing and doing the examinations.An Online application form for DUO-Belgium/Flanders can be found on the ASEM-DUO website at