Universal Human Values and Professional

The objective of this course is to bring the context of human living into the classroom. While current education is able to provide information & skills via the method of memorization & analysis, it fails to touch upon the basic aspects of human living.

It is amply clear that the current content and context of education is materialistic in nature – it predominantly involves the study of the formful, material aspects of nature leading to a material outcome – of a consumerist lifestyle & society. While this ensures physical comfort, it is both unsatisfying to us as Humans as well as detrimental to nature.

Fundamental aspects like understanding of the Self, understanding the nature & purpose of human relationships, living in family & society, and our relationship with nature are completely ignored, or at best addressed in a half hearted manner in prevalent education.

This course aims to reduce that gap and point both students and teachers in the right direction by providing them with the relevant content needed.

This ‘alternative view’ of study and life can be provided to students so they may appreciate the need for living with human values and human-consciousness and make efforts to study & practice the same.