PO 1: Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.

PO 2: Ability to develop Value based Leadership ability.

PO 3: Ability to understand, analyse and communicate global, economic, legal, and ethical aspects of business.

PO 4: Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment.

PEO 1: Students will be able to attain a general level of competence and application of knowledge in the field of management.

PEO 2: Students will enable to think creative, innovative and become successful Entrepreneurs.

PEO 3: Students will be able to demonstrate leadership skills in diverse business Scenarios.

PEO 4: Students will be motivated for continuous Learning and Development.

PEO 5: Students will be well equipped with Quantitative and Qualitative skills to analyse global business environment.