Course Outcomes

COURSE OUTCOMES (2018-19) 2 Year C201 Engineering Mathematics III Year of study: 2018-19 C201.1 To know the basiCfunctions of complex variables and their integration. C201.2 To introduce Fourier series analysis and its use in solving boundary value problems of integral transforms. C201.3 To understand various curve fitting methods and goodness of fit tests. C201.4 To… Continue reading Course Outcomes

Department Labs

HYDRAULICS AND HYDRAULIC MACHINE LAB Objective: Hydraulic Machinery and Systems deals with the advancement of technology associated with the understanding of flow characteristics in hydraulic machinery and conduit systems connected to the machinery. The technology elements include the fluid behavior within machine components, hydro-elastic behavior of machine components, cavitations, and two phase flow in turbines… Continue reading Department Labs

Infrastructural Facilities

155 MBPS Fiber Optic link with 20 Mbps backup link for 24-hour internet connectivity in the lab, classrooms, Departmental library and all other offices of Department. Department has well equipped and ventilated Class Rooms and Tutorial Rooms with e-learning facility. The department is decorated with ten laboratories for students and faculties to gain hands-on experience… Continue reading Infrastructural Facilities

Research & Development

Faculty Publications in Refereed Journals, 2017-18 B. Gupta, Mohit Gupta (2018), “Water Proofing of Metro Railways both in Superstructure and in Tunnels-Quality Control in RCC Works”, Vol-4, Issue-2 , No. 6, pp. 401-408, 2018. ISSN- 2395-1303. DOI: 10.29126/23951303/IJET-V4I2P61.  Anurag Yadav (2017) “Flow Characteristics of Triangular Plan from Weir” International Journal of Water Resource Engineering, Vol.… Continue reading Research & Development

Best Projects

B.Tech Projects Best Project, 2019-20 Sr.No Roll No. Name of the Student Mentor Project Title Summary 1 1603000035 1603000021 1603000024 1603000034 DHIRENDRA PANDEY ANMOL SHARMA ANUVRAT DEV DEVASHISH NAYAK Prof. Abhishek Singh Experimental Study on Properties of Titanium Dioxide Infused concrete. In this study, mix design for M35 grade concrete was prepared and specimens were casted… Continue reading Best Projects

Student Achievements

Inter Institute Inter Institute, 2018-19 Inter Institute, 2017-18 Student Participation in Research Paper Presentation S. No Year Roll No Name Activity/Events Date Venue Participation/Position 1 4th 1203000042 Ishan Srivastava International Journal of Advance Research Ideas And Innovations In Technology Vol-3, Issue 4, Aug 2017 – Published paper titled – “Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregates with… Continue reading Student Achievements

Student Societies

SRIJAN About Srijan ABOUT SRIJAN- Student Forum of Civil Engineering was formed in 2013-14 under the leadership of then HOD and Faculty Incharge Prof. Sakib Parvez Khan. The legacy continues till today with notable activities organized by members. VISION: To enhance the technical knowledge and aid learning among students through various activities aiming excellence, motivate… Continue reading Student Societies

Industrial Interaction/Short Term Courses/Workshops

Guest Lectures 2019-20, Transportation Planning & High Speed Rails Objective: The objective of the Seminar was to introduce students of 4th year Civil to the various aspects of planning required in transportation sector especially for High Speed Rails. Date 28th Aug 2019 . Timings 3:15pm -4:45pm Total Participants 90 Target Participants  4th  Year CE students… Continue reading Industrial Interaction/Short Term Courses/Workshops

Department News Letter

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Faculty Development

Faculty Development Activities Organised 2018-19 2017-18 S. NO. Session FDP Title Date Resource Person(s) 1 2017-18 Field workshop on “Advance Geotechnical Investigations & Surveying Techniques 22nd -24th Jan 2018 Prof. Sunayana Singh, IPECProf. Tripti Khanduri, IPECMr. R.P. Singh, HEICOMr. S K Tomar, Janak Positioning & Surveying Systems Pvt. Ltd 2 TEQIP III Sponsored FDP “Recent… Continue reading Faculty Development