Course Outcomes

COURSE OUTCOMES (2020-21) 2 Year Odd Sem Electromagnetic Field Theory (KEE-301) Review of basic computational touls for electromagnetic field such as co-ordinate system, vector calculus. Understand the concepts and principle of electromagnetic fields and its propagating nature. To identify, formulate and apply to sulve the effect of electric and magnetic field in a multi-disciplinary frame.… Continue reading Course Outcomes

Research & Development

Publication In National & International Journals Session 2019-20 Sadaf Naqvi; Ibraheem Nasiruddin; Sana Ali, “A novel aggregation approach to reduce complexity of system” International Journal of Digital Signals and Smart Systems 2020 Vol.4 No.1/2/3, Inderscience Publishers, Pages: 100-112. 19th March 2020.  Shaam Garg, Ayush Yadav, Anchal Sadana, Shivam Jamloki, Kusum Tharani, Sadaf Naqvi “Solar-based Home… Continue reading Research & Development

Department Labs

Measurement Lab Laboratory Incharge : Ms. Bindu Mishra Technical Staff : Mr. Suresh Giri Objective: To teach students the significance and application of measurement and measuring instruments in engineering. Major Equipment AC voltmeter and ammeter calibration kit Maxwell’s bridge Anderson’s bridge Hay’s bridge Owen’s bridge De Sauty’s bridge Schering’s bridge Kelvin’s double bridge CRO, Function… Continue reading Department Labs

Infrastructural Facilities

Department has well established labs with dedicated lab staff. Department has smart Class Rooms and Seminar hall with e-learning facilities. Department has a Project Lab which promotes Sponsored Research Projects and encourages students to utilise the resources to maximum. Department has a well developed Departmental Library to aid students. Department also has a dedicated group… Continue reading Infrastructural Facilities