Lab Facilities

Lab 1- Analysis And Design Lab (C-131) Lab 1- Analysis and Design Lab (C-131) Faculty Incharge: Ms. Nidhi GuptaTechnical Staff: Mr. Daljeet Singh Lab Objectives To understand the concepts of system software like compilers and how they perform translation of a program. To understand the concepts of operating systems and how to develop applications under different platforms… Continue reading Lab Facilities

Course Outcomes

COURSE OUTCOMES 2 Year CO 2019-20 Download CO 2020-21 Download CO 2021-22 Download COURSE OUTCOMES 3 Year CO 2019-20 Download CO 2020-21 Download CO 2021-22 Download COURSE OUTCOMES 4 Year CO 2019-20 Download CO 2020-21 Download CO 2021-22 Download


Patents SL. No. Patent Application No. Status of Patent (Published / Granted) Inventor/s Name Title of the Patent Patent Published Date / Granted Date (DD/MM/YYYY) Here, attach source of proof i.e. URL/website links, etc. 1 202111024369A Published Dr. Kamal Upreti  Mr. Binu K.Virgis A Honeypot Based Network Security System 11/06/2021 Click Here 2 202111023041A Published… Continue reading R&D

Department News Letter

  2023-24 Download 2022-23 Download catalyst (21-22 vol 6, issue 1) Download catalyst (20-21 vol 5, Issue 2) Download catalyst(20-21 vol 5, issue 1) Download Catalyst(19-20), Vol-4,issue-1 Download Catalyst(-19-20), Vol-4,issue-2 Download Vol 3 Issue 2 2018-19 Download Vol 3 Issue 1 2018-19 Download Vol 2 Issue 2 Nov 2018 Download Vol 2 Issue 2 Nov… Continue reading Department News Letter

Guest Lectures from Eminent Personalities

Prof M. Bala, IIT Delhi. Dr Guatam Shroff, TCS, Ggn. Dr Mukesh Mohania , IBM, New Delhi. Dr T.V. Vijay Kr , JNU, N Delhi. Dr Shyam Gupta, IIT Delhi. Dr Vasudha Bhatanagar, Delhi University. Dr Swaroop, Ghaziabad Industrial Association, Ghaziabad. Mr Ashish Mendiratta , WIPRO. Mr Manas Tyagi, Infosys. Mr Pradeep , CRL, Ghaziabad.… Continue reading Guest Lectures from Eminent Personalities

Best Projects

Best & Average Project: 2020-21 INDERPRASTHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE, GHAZIABAD IT DEPARTMENT BEST AND AVERAGE PROJECTS 2020-21 Project_Id Supervisor Titles of the Project Category Summary of Project 21PJ-IT-22 Dr. Preeti Sharma Doctor Consultancy WebApp BEST According to a survey in the United States, a physician typically sees between 50 and 100 patients per week, but it… Continue reading Best Projects

Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit-Session 2021-22 S No. Name of The Company Date of Visit Area of Training/Tour Imapct 1. Coding Blocks 24/03/2022 Data Structures and Skills This visit was aimed to imbibe the most in demand skills required to crack any placement and focusing towards the importance of data in industry and project Industrial Visit-Session 2020-21 N.A.… Continue reading Industrial Visit


IECNGC (18th Dec 2021) Download ICCETE 2020 (13th and 14th June 2020) Download ICCETE 2019 (27th and 28th April 2019) Download CACDS 2019 (12th and 13th April 2019) Download

Students Activities

TECHETHNICS TechEthnics is an IT Consortium, a thought to connect to the industry, to be more practical, to work in real time and to work out of the box. TechEthnics is working with an aim of spreading awareness about the latest trends in IT sector through technical programs. To bridge the gap between industry and… Continue reading Students Activities

Industrial Alliances

MOU S.No. Company Name LOGOs Activities Impact Analysis 1 Cisco Networking Academy Computer Net Work Courses Students earned certifications and worked on Modern tools to enhance their skills. 2 Netcamp Solutions Summer Internship Structured & Monitored Training help students to earn Professional exposure & upgrade their technical skills 3 UiPath Academic Alliance Robotic Process Automation… Continue reading Industrial Alliances


IPEC, an engineering college in Ghaziabad believes in keeping its faculty and students up to date of the latest developments in research and technology. To achieve this objective, Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops are held at regular intervals. Conferences/Seminars/Workshop/FDP: Organized Conferences/Seminars/Workshop/FDP: Organized-2021-22 S.No. Date Name of Faculty(Coordinator) Name of Resource person Topic Impact  Analysis 1. 30/09/2021… Continue reading Conferences/Seminars/Workshop/FDP

Academic Alliances

Infosys Campus Connect Launched by Infosys in May 2004, CC is a unique academia-industry initiative to “architect the education experience”. The goal is to build a sustainable partnership with engineering education institutions in India and abroad for mutual benefit; producing “industry ready” recruits. Main objective in launching the CC programme is to enhance the quality… Continue reading Academic Alliances