Information Technology

Industrial Visit

S No. Name of The Company Date of Visit Area of Training/Tour Imapct
1. Coding Blocks 24/03/2022 Data Structures and Skills This visit was aimed to imbibe the most in demand skills required to crack any placement and focusing towards the importance of data in industry and project
N.A. Due to Covid 19
S No. Name of The Company Date of Visit Area of Training/Tour Imapct
1. UNICONVERGYS TECHNOLOGY 06/08/2019 Internet of  Thing (IOT) The Impact of this Industrial visit is to provide  Internet of Things(IoT), the new technological paradigm is conquering the entire world by connecting various objects around us. With an aim to go beyond academics, this visit provides a computational IoT nervous system for colleges and schools.
2. Nagarro Event 04/09/2019 Analyze key case studies Under the guidance of Ms. Bindu Rani.Students gained valuable insights on how smart cities are digitally transforming, and analyze key case studies and lessons learned in the journey towards a smarter future.
3. Thaygraj Stadium,New Delhi 24/09/2019 “RPA with UI path” by AICRA(Council for Robotics and Automation) Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA) a not-for-profit organization is the apex body, setting up standards in Robotics & Automation and education industry as well as helping over 35,00+ members organizations and professionals to solve difficult technical problems, while enhancing their leadership and personal career capabilities.
4. Sopra Steria 27/09/2019 Soft Skill A session on softskill was conducted by Sopra Mentor Ms.Bindu. Topics were discussed like scenario of IT industry . Diffrence between product based industry, Hierarchy in IT Industry in IT Industry ,Role of Softskill in Industry, Softskill required to face the Interview,Tips to Face the interview board.
5. CISCO-NETWORKING at NETWORKERS CCIE8 02/03/2020 “Networkers CCIE” At Networkers CCIE, students  interacted with the Experts to understand current market scenarios, latest most demanding technologies & required skillset etc. Students were given a brief introduction about the company, domain areas about projects and infrastructure which included a highly sophisticated networks lab. Mr. Atin Gupta, a CCIE certified network expert explained the fundamentals of the networks with hands on the physical racks importance and benefits of being CCIE certified.
INDUSTRIAL VISIT- CLUB QRENCIA BY SMALT & BERYL The industrial visit was organized by Indraprastha Engineering College in collaboration with Smalt and Beryl under the guidance of Dr. Kamal Upreti and Mr. Sandeep Raj along with 33 students of B.Tech (IT- Second Year) on 20th September 2018.Smalt and Beryl is a technology firm which engineers innovative and viable solution to socially relevant problems across the world. Club Querencia is an initiative of smalt and beryl to improve the journey of the student by making education more interesting, efficient, personalized and inclusive.
Following Objectives have fulfilled as per students- needs & requirement:
  • It gave a hands -on experience of how industry operations were executed.
  • Students were able to identify their prospective areas of work in the overall organizational areas.
  • It provided an opportunity for active/interactive learning experience and healthy discussion with updated real time platforms such DevOps with Cloud Computing and IoT environment.
  • One to one brainstorming was conducted for student level to know about their individual’s caliber and potential.
It was really a healthy and fruitful interaction with Smalt & Beryl team for students. In the future, we will try our best to conduct these types of visits in order to groom the overall personality of students.
INDUSTRIAL VISIT- APPLE ECOSYSTEMS Industrial Visit to APPLE ECOSYSTEMS was held on 25th October 2018 IIIrd Year students were taken to the company premises. Career guidance was given by Dr Ishan Ranjan. Technical training sessions were conducted by his sub-ordinate. It was really a healthy and fruitful interaction with an APPLE ECOSYSTEMS team for students. In future, we will try our best to conduct these types of visits in order to groom overall personality of students.
Smalt & Beryl An industrial visit to Smalt & Beryl was planned on 11th November 2017. In this visit students got the exposure to the company working verticals. This learning experience started from an ice-breaking Activity. In which each student gave their introduction with a twist of telling the audience about their hobbies. After which Mr. Pravek Saxena gave students a glimpse of the company. His speech ended with a short quiz to test the knowledge of the students. Then a small competition was held in which they gave students a nano development project,which was to be presented in a teams of 5 members within 2 hours of time. This visit was beneficial for the students who participated in it, such that it grooms them to understand the corporate culture. Dr. Pooja Thripath, Ms. Nidhi Gupta and Mr. Sundeep Raj along with 40 students visited the place.
IIT DELHI Industrial visit was carried out at IIT delhi on 06th march, 2018 especially for 2nd and 3rd year students. The main objective behind the visit was to make students aware of the ongoing projects for visually challenged people and give them a feel of real time research process. Parul Sharma along with Mr. Sundeep and 40 students left for visit to IIT Delhi. At Assistech lab Mr. Piyush had given the brief idea on the ongoing research for developing devices for the visually disabled people. After that Ms. Nidhi and her team describe the products and prototypes they developed till now.
INFOSYS CHANDIGARH An industrial visit to Infosys Chandigarh was planned on 31st January 2018. In this visit Final year students got the exposure to the company working verticals. During the first half we were told about how the training at Infosys, Mysore takes place. We were told in detail about the Foundation Program 5.0 that we will be trained in. The program is divided into 5 modules including Python fundamentals, Oracle database etc.The schedule for Campus Connect program was shared and we were told how it would benefit us when we go for the training. The same FP 5.0 will be covered during the campus connect program. Ms. Ragini Karwayun along with 11 final year visited infosys Chandigarh.
Moon Beverages LTD. The department of Information technology, IPEC organized one day industrial visit to Moon Beverages LTD on 19th August 2016. Around 60 students of 3rd year and 2nd year along with two faculty member Mr. Sundeep Raj and Mr. Krishan Kumar joined this industrial visit. it was a good experience, which has provided exposure to the final year students with industrial life. The students are benefited in terms of the technical details provided by the company on an important part of Recruitment. Students were taken around the plant and were explained about the production.
Hauwei Telecommunication. Industries play a pivotal role in economic development of a country. Inderprastha Engineering College had organized an industrial visit to Huawei Telecommunication India company Ltd. in Gurgaon on 20 Feb. 2017.There were 52 students from IT department (II year and III year) who have visited the company.
NSIC Okhla. Students attended Entrepreneurship Orientation Programme at NSIC Okhla on 7th March 2017. Total 46 students of all the departments reached at NSIC Okhla .There was a 45 minutes session on Entrepreneurship . After this, students were shown demo of approximately 25 live project Units. EOP ended with refreshment to all the participants.
SOPRA-IPEC -An Industry Academia Program An industrial visit to Sopra-Steria was held on 7th April 2017 for -IIIrd Year students of Sopra Program . A session on softskill was conducted by Sopra mentor Mr. Ramneek Srivastava. Topics were discussed like Scenario of IT industry, Difference between product based and service based industry, Hierarchy in IT industry, Role of softskill in industry, Softskill required to face the interview, Tips to face the interview board. Ms. Bindu Rani along with 15 final year visited SOPRA.
Aptron Pvt. Ltd An industrial visit to Aptron Pvt. Ltd was held on 15th February 2016 for -IIIrd Year students. for providing practical exposure for server and network administration. Mr. Sundeep Raj and Ms. Bindu Rani along with 60 students visited the place.
Mother Dairy An industrial visit to Mother Dairy was held on 17th August 2015 for -3rd Year and 2nd year students. . The students also came to know about the vision, mission & significant competitive advantage which the company derives from the unique distribution network of bulk vending milk booths, retail outlets and mobile units. The students had over all a good experience with an in-depth learning. Ms. Bindu Rani along with 60 students visited the place.
TCS Noida As a part of their Industry Interface programme B.Tech – 3rd Year students of IPEC Ghaziabad visited Tata Consultancy Services, Noida on 27th Nov. 2015. An employee of TCS gave a brief presentation on history and development of TATA industry. He narrated briefly on the following:
  • How TCS was born and today where it stands in industry.
  • TCS project and its benefits.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Virtualization.
  • IT infrastructure.
  • Data Centers.
  • SAAS (software as a service), PASS (platform as a service).
The students had a wonderful experience at The Tata Consultancy Services which gave them immense knowledge of a globally reputed consultancy service. Dr. Pooja Tripathi along with 30 students visited the place.