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Project_Id Supervisor Titles of the Project Category Summary of Project
21PJ-IT-22 Dr. Preeti Sharma Doctor Consultancy WebApp BEST According to a survey in the United States, a physician typically sees between 50 and 100 patients per week, but it may vary with medical specialty, but differs only little by community size such as metropolitan versus rural area. In Doctor Consultation WebApp we try to solve the problem of doctor consultation online with the help of tools and technology available in our hands. We have two user Interface one for the doctor and another for the patients with which they can communicate and express their views with each other. Also they can book appointment, buy medicines and view doctors of different specialty according to their needs. For the tools and techniques, we follow the industry standard and use technology most widely used for web development. We use ExpressJS for the backend which is a framework ofNodeJS. For the frontend we use HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript. With login for both client and doctor, we provide a open platform accessible to each individual who want to either get consultation or give consultation online. One of the major features of the WebApp is the medical history of the patients. With the help of this medical history a doctor can treat patients in more systematic way. Patients who need to visit doctor from time to time will be greatly benefitted by this feature. Patient have also choice to share only partial history with the doctor. They can share only relevant information with the doctor thus ensuring their privacy.
21PJ-IT-24 Mr. Pushpendra Singh Semi Automated Online Exam Proctoring BEST With the Advent of COVID-19, remote learning has blossomed. Schools and Universities may have been shut down but they switched to applications like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet to finish their academic years. However, there has been no solution to examination proctoring. The ability to efficiently proctor remote online examinations is an important limiting factor to the scalability of this next stage in education. Presently, human proctoring is the most common approach of evaluation even in the online mode. However, such methods are labour-intensive and costly. In this project, we present a deep learning/AI-based system that performs automatic online exam proctoring. The system hardware includes a webcam and a microphone, to monitor the visual and acoustic environment of the testing location. The system includes six basic components that  ontinuously estimate the key behaviour cues: face recognition, speech recognition, active window detection, gaze detection and phone detection. By combining the continuous estimation components we generate a cheat score for the test-taker to classify whether the test taker is cheating at any moment during the exam.
21PJ-IT-21 Ms. Bindu Rani Sampark Dumper BEST In the light of today’s urban cities, waste disposal has become a major concern. Improper waste management results in unclean, foul and unhygienic conditions which give birth to numerous diseases in the region. It leads to spread variety of pathogens and leads to poor logistical and human resource management. The main reason is that in the busy working life schedule, people don’t have enough time to dump their waste. Our idea is to build a web based application for proper waste management. Waste will be collected from the user's doorstep as per his/her request to avoid bad treatment/disposal of waste. There will be a real time monitoring of the dumper in order to provide accuracy, live status and no malpractices. The scheduling of stoppage and collection of waste is regulated by the admin and directly transferred to the dumper driver through the web application. The admin ensures route optimization to save time. There will be a personal software at the admin side so that there will be no interference of any other untrusted party. This is a real time initiative to promote the safe waste disposal in the busy life schedul
21PJ-IT-06 Ms. Abhilasha Varshney SRMS (Student Result Monitoring System) BEST A student result processing system is an automated digital solution for planning, preparing, evaluating examinations. These computation systems can prove useful for educational institutions and other examination testing bodies. It all encompasses result analysis and generating performance reports of students according to year, branch, section, subject which is a complex and time-consuming process in every institute. The Students Result Analysis  and performance Report Generator helps the user to analyze the result and generate its report, it also allows figuring out the overall performance of students, by providing academic results as an input in a format of Excel file. The Head of the Department can also access and analyze the percentage report of the student through  pictorial representation which can be categorized subject-wise and section-wise including the overall performance of a particular department Student Result Monitoring System as described can lead to an error-free, secure, reliable, fast managment system. Further, the System will help in better utilzation of resouces.
21PJ-IT-05 Dr. Pooja Tripathi Re-Medi (Revolution in medical field) BEST Over decades, medical facilities have evolved elegantly. Still, most of us are the witness of the fact that whenever we see a doctor, we need to put forward our medical file in front of him/her. Our file contains our previous prescriptions, medical reports, X-Rays, MRIs etc. It is a tedious task to keep a record of all these. We aim to provide a digital solution to this problem so that next time when you visit your doctor, you don’t need to carry your medical file. We will be using Blockchain technology to store the patient records. We will make a web portal where doctors can access the records of patients with their consent. This will ensure that the information remains secure while being decentralized across different peers. Our system gives patients a comprehensive, immutable log and easy access to their medical information across providers and treatment sites. Leveraging unique blockchain properties, ReMedi manages authentication, confidentiality, accountability and data sharing—crucial considerations when handling sensitive information. A modular design integrates with providers' existing, local data storage solutions, facilitating interoperability and making our system convenient and adaptable.
21PJ-IT-07 Ms. Nidhi Gupta Face Mask Detection using Machine Learning AVERAGE In the present scenario due to Covid-19, there is no efficient face mask detection applications which are now in high demand for transportation means, densely populated areas, residential districts, large-scale manufacturers and other enterprises to ensure safety. This system can therefore be used in real-time applications which require face-mask detection for safety purposes due to the outbreak of Covid-19. This project can be integrated with embedded systems for application in airports, railway stations, offices, schools, and public places to ensure that public safety guidelines are followed. considering the covid-19 outbreak, We think this is best project that we can work as python developer. Today everyone is aware of taking precaution and safety measures regarding covid-19, so face mask detection will play a huge role to avoid corona virus. This project helps us to spread the awareness among people using face mask properly. It detects the face mask on your face whether the person is hiding his/her face by mask or not. it also checks the face mask is properly cover your face both nose and mouth. In this project, we’ll discuss our two-phase COVID-19 face mask detector, detailing how our computer vision/deep learning pipeline will be implemented. From there, we’ll review the dataset we’ll be using to train our custom face mask detector. We have implemented a Python script to train a face mask detector on our dataset using Keras and TensorFlow. We’ll use this Python script to train a face mask detector and review the results. Given the trained COVID-19 face mask detector, we’ll proceed to implement two more additional Python scripts used to Detect face masks in real-time video streams
21PJ-IT-20 Dr. Kamal Upreti E-Pharma System AVERAGE The main aim of developing this application is to provide all the medical related solutions through a single application. E-Pharma is a platform where patients and doctors can interact directly. Patients can self-diagnose from the direct doctor-patient relations, consumer experience in online purchases, the ease of mail-order trade and distance selling. The patient can consult with the doctor and can also order medicines which were prescribed by their doctors with just one click. Patients can also get information about the laboratories and medical shops present in their area. Nowadays, Internet is used worldwide and due to this we have so many opportunities to use technology in best way like in medical related solutions. E-Pharms app will provide quick delivery and a user-friendly environment for the patients. Patients can take quick treatments in order to improve their health. Patients can interact with chats by telling their problems and also via- phone and e-mail. The application will be helpful, informative and beneficial for a vast majority of people and has the potential of easing people’s lives in diverse way
21PJ-IT-16 Ms. Archana Bhalla CloudXS (Secure Cloud Platform) AVERAGE The Digital Revolution has brought with it exponential Growth in the usage of digital computation and along with it, the start of the Information Era. Furthermore, companies are expanding globally and opening of ices at various locations across the globe. This has brought the need to make access to data from any location possible and feasible. This is where Cloud Computing and Storage comes into the picture. But with cloud storage comes security risks and data leak possibilities. Hence data security is a very important component of cloud storage. This project presents a review of a system that stores data on the cloud after encrypting it. Hence even if a security breach were to take place, the attacker would get access to encrypted data, which would still ensure data confidentiality. In this system, the user uploads a file to the portal, it gets encrypted and then uploaded onto the cloud. The user can then download their files from the cloud through the portal, which results in the decrypted (or original) file getting downloaded to their local computer. The system also uses two dif erent hybrid approaches for encryption and decryption, namely AES and RSA algorithms, and AES and Blowfish algorithms, and shows a comparative study on the difference between the two approaches.
21PJ-IT-14 Dr. Ragini Karwayun Smart Restaurants AVERAGE At present, people have been waiting anxiously for the system that will satisfy their needs more clearly. The majority of the companies in the restaurant sector is looking for some software that improves the quality of delivery and increasing revenue. In a typical system, the waiter records the customer's order, and then put the order in to the kitchen, and then billing is done, which spends a lot of time and might lead to errors. The goal of this project is to automate the process of ordering food from the table in a restaurant and reserving a table, as well as to improve the quality of their customer service. Smart Restaurant is a concept of a restaurant's business that is based on the use of state-of-the-art technology from reservation to the order and the customer sign a relationship with you. The traditional restaurant will be replaced with the help of a smartphone, a tablet, or a graphical user interface and interactive touch screens. Customers will have to order their food via mobile phones by scanning a QR code on a table, as they are directly linked to the kitchen via a central server. In addition, our records are permanently stored on a central server, which can then be used for the marketing, distribution and sales. A smart restaurant, decrease the number of staff who work at the hotel-services, so as to increase the profit margins. The kitchen is going to be one of the interfaces which will be provided in accordance with the following priority (first-come-first-served). This app will help you to find more detailed information on the restaurant and its services, as well as the ease of ordering food and reservation table. Keywords: QR Scanner, Order, Reserve, Donation, Django, Restaurants.
21PJ-IT-02 Mr. Binu Vargis Sentimental Analysis on Product Review AVERAGE Sentimental Analysis is the process of identifying the given text is of positive or negative sentiments. People often share their opinion about brand’s product on different social media platforms, blog post, and ecommerce platform. This technique is widely used by various enterprises in order to understand their customers better and improve their marketing strategy, products and services. There are different techniques of sentimental analysis with include extracting meaningful data from given review, including cleaning of data and categorize the text into positive negative or neutral. This paper includes different approaches used by different authors for sentimental analysis on product reviews.
Project_Id Supervisor Titles of the Project Category Summary of Project
20PJ-IT-07 Dr. Pooja Tripathi Parking Assist Best Leisure and transport go hand in hand nowadays. Very few people rely on public transport. And as the population increases, the demand for vehicles also rises. In fact, Delhi NCR is among one of the regions having the highest number of vehicles. This leads to several issues including traffic, parking and most importantly the security of one’s vehicle. Due to the large number of vehicles and limited, often unstructured parking facilities, people are forced to redundantly search for safe parking spaces. This leads to stress, anxiety and a whole lot of wasted time. Parking spaces are currently managed manually which has several security and efficiency related issues. This system is dependent on quality of manpower that is often under skilled and has a high rate of incompetency. From this thought was born the idea of creating a service which solves parking related hassles one might face. Hence, Parking Assist and its simplified solutions make it possible to find safe, authorized parking spots. It helps malls, buildings and other organizations perform better by adding ease and efficiency to campus parking. The app based system provides real time location and provides automation that enhances security, boosts efficiency and lowers costs by reducing the reliance on manpower
20PJ-IT-13 Ms. Archana Bhalla SurveyCity: Comparison of Cost of Living using ReactJS" Best SurveyCity is a react based web application. It is dedicated to the people around the world who are planning to relocate to a different city. As relocating to a different city can come with an increase in cost-of-living, daily expenses such as grocery, dining out, rent etc. can vary by a lot depending on where anyone resides. Therefore, before relocating to a new city users would want to know how much it would cost to reside there and will the salary offered to them allow maintaining the current standard of living over a different city. SurveyCity allows users to compare and analyze the cost-of-living between cities around the world. Calculating the cost-of-living will help users to determine how much more or less they require making in expenses. Our goal with SurveyCity is to help clients feel more confident in deciding where to live and help them find their best place to live. SurveyCity calculates how much more or less money users would require in order maintaining same standard of living in another city all around the world. In addition to this SurveyCity also calculates the increase or decrease in rate of rent/living, basic supplies, dining out and purchasing power in another city as compared to current city.
20PJ-IT-14 Mr. Pushpendra Singh Automatic License Plate Recognition (Snap & Go) Best Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is an application based on image processing tools which uses number (license) plate to identify the vehicle. The objective is to design an efficient automatic authorized vehicle identification system by using the vehicle number plate. The system is implemented on the entrance for security control of a highly restricted area like military zones or area around top government offices e.g., Parliament, Supreme Court etc. The developed system first detects the vehicle and then captures the vehicle image. Vehicle number plate region is extracted using the image segmentation in an image. Optical character recognition technique is used for the character recognition. The resulting data is then used to compare with the records on a database so as to come up with the specific information like the vehicle’s owner, place of registration, address, etc. The system is implemented and simulated in Matlab, and it's performance is tested on real image dataset. It is observed from the experiment that the developed system successfully detects and recognize the vehicle numberplate on real images.
20PJ-IT-17 Ms. Chhavi Sharma Design and Development of Online Bidding System. Best Online auction system comprising a preliminary bidding portion and a virtual auction portion is disclosed herein. The preliminary bidding portion allows bidders to access auction items and input bids during a pre-established extended period of time. After the preliminary bidding portion concludes, the virtual auction portion provides bidders the opportunity to input bids on each item consecutively and individually from the preliminary auction portion in a manner similar to a conventional live auction. During the virtual auction portion, bidders are provided with a countdown to encourage further bidding before the previous bid becomes final. After the input of each new bid , the countdown is reinitiated. The countdown is reinitiated until no new bids are input. An alert system notifies bidders that a particular item of interest is about to be offered for bid as part of the virtual auction portion. The system also provides bidders means for inputting proxy bids.
20PJ-IT-05 Mr. Krishan Kumar Sentiment Analysis of Generalized Text and Twitter Best Twitter is most popular social media that allows its user to spread and share information.  Tweet monitors their user postings and detect most discussed topic of the movement. It publishes these topics on the list called “Trending Topics”. For that it uses top 10 trending topic list. Some topics may be trend in the future and others may not be. “Sentiment Analysis of Generalized Text and Twitter” predicts which topics will trend in future. It applies machine learning algorithms to find out the opinions about that topic which use to predict the future trend. Project team collected tweets, preprocessed those tweets and apply different classifier algorithms to find trending topic which predict public mood. After implementation of project, it is been evaluated on basis of different performance measures such as precision, recall, F-measure to achieve better accuracy. Since the number of users on the social networking websites are increasing day by day, a huge amount of data produces in the form of text, audio, video and images. There is need to do sentiment analysis as texts which is in form of messages or posts to find the whether the sentiment is negative, positive or neutral. This outcome can be used in different businesses and research works.
20PJ-IT-06 Ms. Archana Bhalla Design and development of E-WIMS (Electronic Waste Implementation and Management System Average The current acts of e-waste the executives in India experience the ill effects of many inconveniences like suitable stock, unfortunate states of casual reusing, deficient enactment, poor mindfulness and hesitance on part of the corporate to address the basic issues included. In that capacity, these lead to harmful materials entering the waste stream with no unique precautionary measures to stay away from the known unfriendly consequences for nature and human well-being and recoverable bye-items are wasted when financially important materials are dumped or unfortunate conditions are created during the casual reusing. This project endeavours to give a short understanding into this idea of e-waste, its age in India and the ecological and well-being concerns joined to it. Further, it features the e-waste reusing economy in the current casual and the early conventional division and the quick requirement for a progressively characterized enactment and systems to handle this issue.
20PJ-IT-11 Dr. Kamal Upreti Design and Development of Intelligent Door Lock Average The agrarian business is a standout amongst the most critical industry for giving fuel to our survival. An important role is being played by the robots in the field of agriculture for farming purposes autonomously. The undertaking speaks to a thought which will help Indian ranchers where a robot (Agrobot) is intended to help agriculturists for agrarian purposes for our survival. It is mainly designed to minimize the labor for farmers in addition to accuracy of work and increase the speed. Here, an unequivocally working and a multitasking robot have been created, remembering the belief system that various little autonomous machines could be more productive that conventional substantial tractors and human exertion. Agrobot  is a multifunctional robot that performs three noteworthy capacities typically required in Agriculture field i.e. Plugging, seed dispensing or spreading the fertilizer and harvester. Agrobot comprises of a control unit which choose field estimation in length and breadth in the feat. After size determination of the field, a set capacity enters in the board permits choosing modes like Plowing, seed circulation and harvester. This is  a working undertaking that has been totally amassed properly tried and employments Mechanical / Electrical / Electronic segments according to the necessity of the model of Agrobot.
20PJ-IT-23 Ms. Nidhi Gupta Phishing Websites Detection System Average Phishing is regularly an ordinary assault on persons via making them reveal their total one-of-a-kind info the use of counterfeit web sites. The purpose of phishing records process tool URLs is to pinch the personal information like consumer name, passwords and online banking transactions. Phishers(attackers) uses the websites that rectangular diploma visually and semantically the photo of these actual websites. As the era continues to grow, phishing techniques started to progress quickly and this may be prevented by way of exercise anti-phishing mechanisms to find phishing. This project implements the capabilities used for the detection of phishing attacks by the use of Machine learning techniques.
20PJ-IT-24 Mr. Sundeep Raj Online Examination Portal Average Online Examination Portal is designed to help for conducting online MCQ examinations and report genereration for the same. We can conduct exam online and schedule the exam also for some time slot. Questions can be stored in database for upcoming  scheduled tests.
20PJ-IT-02 Dr. Pooja Tripathi Real Time Work Monitoring System Average In the Interconnected world, one of the major demands of developing counties like India are sanitary and hygienic public toilets, for becoming an Open Defecation Free (ODF) country. For this purpose, we came with the idea of a Real-Time Work Monitoring and Authentication System (RTWMAS). In this research, an effort has been made to monitor and authenticate the services provided in the public toilets with the Technology of Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT). In this study we collaborated the technical advantages of Internet of Things with the Blockchain Technology (Permissioned Blockchain). This study will help to reduce the cases of remissness in the operations involved in the cleanliness process of the public toilets
Project_Id Supervisor Titles of the Project Category Summary of Project
19PJ-IT20 Ms. Monika Sainger Augmented Reality in Medical Education BEST This Project is about Augmented Reality and how it works. It further advocates how Augmented Reality can help in transforming the education field. We generally use the 2-D representation for representing the 3-D space around us. Thus, integrating AR technology with the educational content to provide a better understanding by creating a new type of automated applications and work to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency by enlightening and educating students in real life scenarios. This project aims to build an AR Portal that offer the user a mixed reality experience by transporting them into another dimension while still in contact wit the real world.
19PJ-IT21 Mr. Krishan Kumar Interactive Search  using Marker-Based Augmented Reality BEST Searching has always been a matter of concern in any organization  for the employees who are new in the environment. Adapting amidst new people and initiating conversations is not easy for all and usually it turns out to be time consuming. Assume going to an entirely new workspace and still being very sound about the details of the people in the organization and being able to locate and contact them very easily. Interactive searching using Augmented Reality the technology which can be used to execute it in the real world.  The Maker Based Application in Augmented Reality (AR) combines the real world with virtual reality. In which the real world is enhanced by superimposing computer- generated sensory input such as audio content, activities, textual. GPS or graphical, as well as objects onto the display to the screen. The proposed application is an Android smartphone based application which will be compatible with all the existing and upcoming versions of the operating system which support ARCore. The application features to recognize the text and searches all the information associated with that text, and as a result displays it in an augmented form making it more compatible and interactive for the user.
19PJ-IT17 Ms. Abhilasha Varshney Automated Attendance System using Face Recognition BEST Face recognition is a big research area which takes more attention of many researchers in computer technology. The human face recognition from video sequences is a challenging task, because there are variations present in the background of the images, facial expression and illumination. Our aim to develop an automated attendance management system which can capture and mark presence of students as well as employees using video frames with deep learning method. This system is able to capture real time video and can generate attendance report with improved accuracy.
19PJ-IT01 Dr. Pooja Tripathi Traffic Management & Decongestion using VANET BEST Vehicular traffic is endlessly increasing everywhere in the world and can cause terrible traffic congestion at intersections. Most of the traffic lights today feature a fixed green light sequence, therefore the green light sequence is determined without taking the presence of the emergency vehicles into account. Therefore, emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, fire engines, etc. stuck in a traffic jam and delayed in reaching their destination can lead to loss of property and valuable lives. This project presents an approach to schedule emergency vehicles in traffic. In VANETs, the  dissemination delay and reliability are the important criteria’s for emergency message dissemination. The main aim of this project lies in reducing emergency message broadcast delay with less overhead which is an important factor for emergency safety message dissemination between vehicle to vehicle and the road side unit is done to avoid collisions and increase the road side safety. Furthermore, this research work will provide an insight into the design of an intelligent urban traffic management system for the effective management of emergency vehicles and will help to save lives and property. In this project we try to idevelop a system using different traffic monitoring algorithms so that in the case of an emergency situation, an emergency-detecting vehicle warns the neighbour vehicles via an emergency warning message. Since the transmission range is limited, the warning message is broadcast in a multihop manner to provide the prior to accident information to the vehicle control unit so that it enables the vehicle to prevent the happening of accident. During the vehicle movements the system will continuously record the vehicle’s moving status and conditions so that the record will provide the decision basis in the accident investigation if it unfortunately happens the fatal accident
19PJ-IT02  Ms. Lopamudra Mohanty Sensor Based Automatic Parking System BEST Recent advancement of technology has made the life simpler, the ever growing traffic on road and no information on prior booking of parking space is a big problem. This problem has been addressed by our proposed solution including sensor based infrastructure at parking space which in turn updates the information in database that is displayed and manipulated by a web application. This application is a software part of the proposed solution that gives user the benefit of prior information about the availability of parking slots and allows the use to book the parking slots and  the parking without booking can be done and sensors update the status in the central database. The proposed system will solve the problem of non-availability of parking place at an unknown place. The system will allow the advance bookings, plan the visits and illegal parking will decrease exponentially. The system will provide the service from the comfort of our home. The tedious work of handling sensor data is made easier by updating the database in case of certain events only.
19PJ-IT09 Ms. Bindu Rani Big Data Analytics on Air and Water Pollution System AVERAGE The ever-evolving field of big data analytics has started to play a remarkable role in the key areas of healthcare practices and research. Healthcare systems produce a large volume of structured and unstructured data. It also provided different tools to acquire, manage and study large volume of data. Healthcare as a large domain leads us to detect one of the causes affecting healthcare. The change of environment and the circumferential atmosphere by the impact of other forms of pollutants is called environmental pollution. Pollution affects health most. The main aim of this paper is to detect the level of pollution (air and water) in the environment utilizing sensors. The system will monitor all of these results and finally, when all data are collected we will then analyse it, compare it with the ideal environment (artificial environment) utilizing big data analytics. This will further aid the researchers to find the optimal solution to environmental problems.
19PJ-IT23 Dr. Pooja Tripathi Data Security using Blockchain Technology AVERAGE Data storage is still a big deal in the Healthcare IT industry, Data kept in traditional database can be changed, tampered easily and their credibility can be questioned leaving them less reliable and that is not the least issue with traditional database storage they also have proven to be quite inefficient in protecting the sensitive data and records. So, we are proposing, A Decentralized Application that uses Ethereum blockchain in Healthcare Domain. A smart data contract that will help Doctor to quickly add a block in private blockchain with the data of the user/patient and it will be highly secure and tamper-proof cause data once written in block can’t be updated/edited/changed or tampered with, with a data adding and retrieving functionality so doctor can add the data as a block in a blockchain and that can be easily accessible by patient and they check his/her data with his Ethereum wallet address and only the owner (that person who deployed it on blockchain) of smart contract can only add data. So, the data can be only added by the owner and it can’t tamper and it will be deployed in private blockchain network so no outsiders will be able to use the smart contract as well providing added extra layer of security.
19PJ-IT19 Ms. Nidhi Gupta Healthcare using IOT AVERAGE Healthcare in worldwide requires a lot of cost and time. This is a serious issue which is faced by many patients due to less resources. The project focus on the idea of solving health issues using Internet of Things. It creates opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer based system. It presents a wireless communication system of devices which connects patients and health adviser to diagnose and monitor the heartbeat and temperature of the patients. The paper mainly focuses on the development of a system that includes the various sensors which measures the patient’s attributes such as temperature and heartbeat and records this data fetched by the sensors into the databaseand then classifies this data into risk and non risk patients.
19PJ-IT18 Ms. Archana Bhalla Online Discussion Forum AVERAGE The title of project is Online Discussion-forum. It is designed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap as front end and jsp and MySQL as back end. The aim of project is to present an online form of group discussion. The forum is a internet centric. A registered user can ask queries related on various topics and can reply for the other user queries. This type of forum is useful for an organization like school or college. A registered user has the facility to share their knowledge and provide solutions.
19PJ-IT24 Mr. Pushpendra Singh Enseemble of Fearture Extraction Methods for Oject Recognition AVERAGE This project implments an approach of creating a system recognizing objects(fruits in the retail market) using live images through a web cam attached to the system. The system  helps the customers to label desired object. We desire to reduce the human computer interactions as much as possible, improve the working and functionality of the GUI and increase the speed constraint of the new system compared to existing manual systems. The physical configuration of the system includes a Laptop and a camera. To check the usability, several users has performed a heuristic constant check using image processing and feeding various commands concluding that the implemented system is more user friendly compared to existing systems.
Sr. No Roll number Name of the student Mentor Project Title Abstract
1 1403013007 1403013021 1403013018 1403013031 AJAY HIND YADAV ANUSH GARG ANUJ KUMAR YADAV DAKSH MATHPAL DR.POOJA TRIPATHI WEATHER FORECAST ANALYSIS USING HADOOP (18PJ-IT-19) This project presents a design of model for forecasting the weather using Big Data Technology. Weather forecasts are made by collecting quantitative data about the current state of  the atmosphere at a given place. The only certain thing about weather forecasting is its uncertainty. The task of predicting weather is complex and tedious for it requires the following steps with ultimate precision in their execution. They are:
  • Observin
  • Forecasting
  • Communicating
This project represents the procedure to collect real time datasets about weather conditions of a particular location and use Big data tools to analyze the given data in order to track the patterns of occurrence of weather. The unique feature that makes this model more reliable is that takes into consideration the new factors of influence that includes pollutant particulates with sustainability with the environment. This helps in analyzing the data on practical terms and provides more precise results and awareness about the environment.
2 1403013066 1403013108 1403013119 1403013125 PRANJAL MAHESHWARI SIMRAN GUPTA VEENU SHARMA YASHI TIWARI MS. LOPAMUDA MOHANTY IMPACT OF INTERACTIVE AND DYNAMIC LEARNING  (18PJ-IT-09) With the decline in average IQ level & traditional learning/education getting outdated and falling short in creating a long lasting impact on student’s mind, here is a need to develop the interactive and dynamic learning technologies. This will provide a mechanism by the virtue of which people can find their field of interest and just understand things and gain knowledge that otherwise would probably be a farfetched dream for most. This information is not just theoretical but more inclined towards having a practical approach to impact learning in a positive and more effective way.
3 1403013041 1403013044 1403013048 HARSHITA BHARDWAJ JAGRITI KARISHMA CHAUHAN MR. KRISHAN KUMAR NOTIFY MY ATTENDANCE (18PJ-IT-03) “Notify Me” This is an attendance notification system using Android application. This mobile application is having two interfaces which actually work on existing attendance management system. First is student’s interface which provides information of attendance of with the help of different statistical diagrams. A student can drill down in his attendance. Different levels of attendance are shown in this interface. Second interface of this application is for faculty. A Faculty can insert attendance through his/her interface into legacy attendance management system of the college.
4 1403013073 1403013075 1403013077 1403013112 RAHUL RAJPUT RAVI BHUSHAN RISHABH AGARWAL SURYA PRAKASH TIWARI MS. SONIA LAMBA EXAM INVIGILATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (18PJ-IT-22) Exam Invigilation Management System is purposed to facilitate the preparation of examination invigilation schedules to reduce manual involvement and the amount of time taken to prepare examination invigilation schedules. This system is made possible with the creation of a database that collects information pertaining to the examination invigilation schedule such as lecturer’s preference of invigilation dates, time and other constraints. Once the invigilation schedule is ready, the summary sheet is made available to faculty who were doing the invigilation. This system benefits especially the academic administration office of institution as it enables them to produce comprehensive exam invigilation schedule. This automated way of capturing, optimizing and disseminating invigilation information paves the way for the development of a systematic approach in preparing examination invigilation schedules.
5 1403031001 1403013033 1403013002 1403013063 AARYANVERMA DIVYA BAJAJ AARYANMADAN PIYUSH GUPTA MS. CHHAVI SHARMA IMAGE RECOGNIZER AND CAPTIONER (18PJ-IT-28) The era of mobile technology opens the windows to the mobile applications. Along with these applications the use of intelligent computer programs are observable. It is using machines to understand human intelligence. Image Recognizer and Captioner is to create a full fledge Android application phones. The prime objective of the “Image Recognizer and Captioner” is to create a full fledge Android application which could allow users to search for anything from mobile phones by just clicking the pictures.
S. No. Roll Number Name Mentor Title Abstract
1 1303013005 1303013005 1303013005 1303013005 ABHISHEK BAJPAI AMAN BHARDWAJ LAKSHAY KUMAR MANISH SHARMA DR.POOJA TRIPATHI ROBOTIC CLASSIFIER (17PJ-IT-01) Robotics is one of most rapidly growing fields, as technological advancements continue; researching, designing and building new robots to serve various practical purposes, whether commercial, domestic or military. Robotic Classifier is an automated robot that is tackling the problem of solid wastes in industries using application of robotics.Our automated robot will help in gathering the objects from the surface that are solid waste, can classify the object based on its structural property. It can sense the hardness or softness of the object with the help of various sensors, thus preventing such types waste from causing harm to environment. This robot will also help in automobile industries to remove those types of problems which may arise unexpected events.
2 1303013003 1303013025 1303013104 1303013106 AASTHA BHAGAT ARUSHI JAIN SHUBHII VERMA SIDDHARTH AGGRAWAL MS. MONIKA SAINGER DOCTOR’S HOME VISIT (17-PJ-IT-11) Doctor’s home visit is a doctor patient portal that provides patients convenient, 24-hour access to online doctors information from anywhere with an Internet connection. Using a secure username and password, patients can be connected with doctors with a digital database. User can have an appointment with the doctor, view health information such as medications, immunizations, allergies. lab reports etc. With doctor patient portal one is also able to securely message the doctor, schedule non-urgent appointments. This initiative proves to be very helpful as digitalization is at its peak because it promises quick & easy access to information which is both accurate and secure. This portal provides a platform for all the doctors to come together. Thus, they can easily consult each other on the matter of patient care and health information or to solve any patient query outside their field of specialization. It will also help them to cut down on time and refer the patient to the desired doctor.
3 1303013044 1303013053 1303013069 HIMANI GUPTA LAKSHAY GAUR PRAGATI SACHDEVA MS. PREETI SHARMA COMPLAINT DESK (17PJ-IT-07) The ‘Complaint Desk’ project is designed with an objective to overcome all limitations of the manual systems, and to allow the handling of complaints and files with minimum effort and in less time. By computerizing the system, the students and faculty members can file their complaints and get their problems solved without the need of going to Head office every time. The idea is to provide ease of working to the employees/students by providing online services to them. The students and employees can simply log in to the system with their Login Id and Password and convey their grievances. The sender can afterwards check the status of their posted complaint and close the complaint only after being fully satisfied. The concerned person can check his/her mailbox to review the grievances and perform necessary actions. The Administrator receives all complaints that are being submitted, which helps him to maintain the database and efficient management of complaints and records. This ensures fast and efficient complaint handling with minimum effort.
4 1303013012 1303013041 1303013047 1303013058 AKASH VERMA GUNJAN SRIVASTAVA HIMANSHU VERMA MAYANK JOHRI MS.ARCHANA BHALLA EVENTINEER- EVENT MANAGEMENT ANDROID APPLICATION (17PJ-IT-05) Events usually require many different teams to come together, often including several external suppliers. Successful events depend on every team member doing their job to a high standard as well as flexibility and a commitment to good cross team communication. The process of event management is intricate and needs utmost care while being implemented. The aim is to create a platform for liaison so that everyone can enjoy their events and successfully manage the same. The application provides the feature of customization of quality by providing users the ability to check ratings of service providers and review previous work of the providers. The application aims to bridge the huge gap between users and service providers to provide a seamless  experience which will help them in creating magical moments through their events
5 1303013097 1303013110 SHUBHAM JAIN SUNIRA JAIN ABHILASHA VARSHNEY HUMAN EYE MOTION DETECTION SYSTEM (17PJ-IT-16) Eye detection and tracking has been an active area in the field of research in last few years, since it provide convenience in usage of various applications. One of the applications is where handicapped people with several disabilities cannot take advantage of usage of computer. Hence to facilitate those people, controlling technique is required that can control the system through eye movement. This paper presents a vision-based human-computer interface system which detects deliberate eye blinks and elucidates them as control commands. The active appearance model (AAM) is used for eye motion detection and template matching. The test results indicated that the interface is useful in offering an alternative means of communication with computers to disabled people. The interface is based on a desktop equipped with a PS-3 camera and requires no extra light sources.
S.No Roll Number Name Mentor Title Abstract
1 1203013043 1203013052 1203013072 1203013107 KAVYA SINGH NANDINI RAJ PRAGATI BHANSALI SUMIT KUMAR YADAV DR.POOJA TRIPATHI IPEC NAVIGATION SYSTEM (16PJ-IT-22) The main objective of this project is to make navigation of our college, Inderprastha Engineering College easier. Our college has many classrooms, laboratories, Head of Department’s offices, Director’s office, sports arena, cafeteria and various other offices. Explorations of these areas for new comers become tedious. So, this application targets the fresh students, parents and visitors to make their exploration quicker and less complicated. IPEC Navigation application is a Google-Map based online application useful to find the specified locations of our college INDERPRASTHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE(IPEC). Since this is a project related to our college and we are a part of this college so we feel privileged to make it. This project will always be helpful to our college.
2 1203013046 1203013033 1203013016 1203013068 KRIPESH KR. JHA DIPTI NEHA ANKIT KUMAR GUPTA POORNIMA VERMA MS. RAGINI KARWAYUN MEDINSURE AAPP (16PJ-IT-07) Today almost everyone has medical insurance. But each medical insurance policy has some conditions attached to it. There are some selected hospitals where the policy is accepted. Moreover, not all hospitals listed in the policy provide cashless service for all ailments. It has specific hospitals for specific diseases. This results in complicating the procedure for the patients when they need the policy most. Our application simplifies this procedure. When a user needs a particular policy for a specific disease, one just need to provide the policy number and the disease, and the APP provides the list of all the hospitals that will provide cashless service to the user for that disease, thus saving time and reducing complications.
3 1203013002 1203013002 1203013022 1203013045 AARZOO CHAUHAN ANUSHI ARJUN SHARMA KOMAL CHAUHAN MS. PREETI SHARMA RETAIL BUSINESS ANALYSIS USING DATA MINING (16PJ-IT-12) Data Mining is the way that ordinary business people use a range of data analysis techniques to uncover useful information from data and put that information into practical use. Data miners use tools designed to help the work go quickly. It helps us to understand how the elements of our business relate to one another. It provides clues about actions that it can take to make our business run more smoothly and generate more revenue. It can help us to identify where we can cut costs without damaging the organization and where spending brings the best returns. It provides values by helping us to do better understanding and reporting.
4 1203013092 1203013125 SHIKHAR CHAUDHARY YUKTI PAL MS. PREETI SHARMA OPTIMIZING WEB PROJECT USING SEO CAMPAIGN (16PJ-IT-21) The simple objective of this project is generation of SEO strategy by development of an optimized website following a SEO campaign. With a SEO campaign, anyone can develop a strategy that will help in free marketing and promotion of business online. In other words, this will help to learn the working of evolving artificially intelligent search engines and match u with them for success of any online project. This project helped us to learn the best way out in market for promotion i.e SEO at the same time making us to learn the minutiae of developing an optimized website according to the rules laid by W3C and getting mastery at all the technologies related to it.
5 1203013053 1203013048 1203013044 1203013060 NEHA MISHRA MANU TYAGI KESHAV GUPTA NITIN SHARMA MS.ARCHANA BHALLA ANDROID BASED HOME AUTOMATION (16PJ-IT-15) Home Automation using android is basically controlling all electrical components through android based smartphone. This project is intercepted with electrical and software technology. Electrical components such as relay, microcontroller, Bluetooth Arduino board are used. Through mobile phones the commands are sent which is received by Bluetooth module and is then passed to microcontroller which is in board. Microcontroller will send this message to relay and by this way switch will be ON/OFF. This project is of utmost importance for need of saving electricity bill and concerning physically disabled people.