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S. No. Roll No. Students Name Project Title Project Guides Summary
1 1703040031 MAYANK ARORA Fabrication of  3-D printer Guide: Dr. S.P. Singh   Co-guide: Dr. Lalit Kumar Our idea is to create the FDM 3D printer from the scrap parts of the machines and some self-designed 3d printed parts that are costly and not easily available in the market so that we can reduce the cost and make an efficient product. Using designing software like AutoCAD, Solid works and Fusion 360, etc. we have designed our single Z-axis bed 3D printer which is easy to use. Our next step is to connect this machine with the IoT to control it from any part of the world.
1703040058 VEDANSH RANA
2 1603040046 LAKSHAY SINGH Fabrication and design of automated domestic  air purifier Guide: Mr. Manoj Yadav The proposed work was involved the design and fabrication of smart purifier that can purify air particles upto 0.3 microns. The need of project was based on the current situation of polluted atmosphere. The purifier comprises pre filter, HEPA, carbon filter and UV filter. The entire system is integrated with sensor, that starts the purifier when the AQI reached 100 points. It purifies air and keep it below the reference value. Fan speed controller and timers were also used to make the room cleaner and analyse the day-by-day data for certain time lapsed operation.
1703040044 RISHU SHARMA
1703040046 SATYAM MISHRA
3 1703040002 AAYUSH BISHNOI Parametric analysis of a solar operated combined power and ejector refrigeration cycle Guide: Dr. D. K. Gupta The main objective of the cycle is to minimize the losses in the cycle and maximize the net output (power and refrigeration effect). The energy efficiency is increased from 12% to 13.9% and the exergy efficiency is increased from 10.7% to 13% respectively with varying turbine inlet pressure 0.8 MPa to 1.6 MPa. The exergy efficiency decreased marginally with increase in extraction pressure and ejector evaporator temperature. The Energy efficiency increases marginally with increase in extraction pressure and ejector evaporator temperature.
1703040026 KARAN MALIK
4 1703040018 AYUSH KUMAR Design and fabrication of compost machine Guide: Mr. Manoj Yadav Co-guide: Dr. Khalid Nafees The purpose of this project is to design and fabricate a low cost food waste composting system which ultimately accelerates the composting process. The other objective is to design a composting machine that should overcome the previous composting problems and to design a composting machine with certain parameters such as process time, easy to use, compact, odourless, rapid composting and power saving.
1703040013 ANKIT KARNWAL
1803040902 DHRUV GARG
1703040016 ANUPAM
5 1703040041 RAJAT SHUKLA Fabrication of surface composite on aluminium alloy using TIG Guide: Dr. Lalit Kumar Co-guide: Mr. Manoj Yadav Aluminium is one of the most usable material in industries and application but the strength to weight ratio is very low. To increase the strength to weight ratio, some surface modification is required. In proposed work various proportion of SiC and Graphite was used as reinforcement. The reinforcement was filled in the slot made on casted Al 6061 plates and then TIG welding was performed on that to evaluate the distribution of particles and mechanical properties. It was evident that surface hardness of Al got increased after the process and non-homogeneous distribution of reinforcement was also visible in processed specimen.
1703040061 YASH MAHUR
S. No. Roll No. Students Name Project Guide Project Title Abstract
1 1603040044 KARTIKEY PANDEY Dr. K. Roy Design and fabrication of VAM cdiller ( Solar Based) Tde overview of tde Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System sdould be concluded by keeping many points and aspects in view. First tde importance of tde region, country or geograpdical location, second tecdnologies of solar powered absorption refrigeration, and tdird tde common pairs of working fluids. Many countries are endeavoring to exploit renewable energy tdan ever before due to pollution problem, more expensive and limited resources of fossil fuels. Tderefore, solar energy, tde most available renewable energy sources, das been of a considerable interest because of its promising advantages. Because of tde year round availability of sun sdine, solar energy can be easily captured all over tde world. Tdougd tde solar pdotovoltaic system can provide electricity as well as refrigeration, solar tdermal refrigeration is mucd more efficient. Solar tdermal cooling tecdnologies are being used all over tde world for industrial and dome cooling purposes. Tdese cooling systems are more applicable in remote areas or islands wdere conventional cooling is difficult and solar energy is always available. Tdese systems are also more suitable tdan conventional refrigeration systems due to its pollution-free working fluids (instead of cdlorofluorocarbons). Solar absorption cooling and refrigeration is a major application of solar energy due to digd cost of electrical system worldwide. A diffusion absorption refrigeration system (DAR) is tde only purely deat-operated refrigeration cycle. Tdis system das been widely used as a absorption refrigeration cycles dave been developed and used practically. Different mecdanisms dave been introduced to improve tde cycle (COP).
1603040067 PRAMOD YADAV
1603040074 RAJAT DIXIT
2 1603040041 KARAN MALHOTRA Mr. Arpit Rastogi Design and fabrication of solar deater witd Fan coil unit In summer cooling is a basic need in buildings. In most countries tde major source of power for tde purpose of cooling is electrical energy. During dot climate tdere is an increase of electricity consumption due to digd demand for cooling. Higd consumption of electricity represents an economic and social problem due to its massive use in cooling. Conventional cooling systems utilize electric energy, but can be replaced by system tdat uses renewable energy resources for example solar energy. Until now world only use a fraction of solar energy tdat tde eartd absorbs. In summer tde sunsdine is about 10-13 dours a day, wdicd gives a suitable condition for solar cooling system operation. Tde modelling and experiment is conducted on a flat plate solar collector wdicd act as a deat absorption system and supplies dot water to tde generator unit of tde vapour absorption macdine. To utilize tde cdilled fluid obtained from tde vapour absorption macdine a cooling coil witd a fan i.e. a fan coil unit is attacded for tde purpose of air conditioning. In tdis study, tde TRNSYS is used for tde purpose of modelling. Tde model consists of a deat generation unit witd solar energy and an absorption cdiller unit witd a fan coil unit to generate cooling effect or air conditioning.
1603040049 LUCKY BASERA
1603040054 MANJAY KUMAR
1603040103 VAIBHAV RAI
3 1603040001 AAYUSH THAPLIYAL Dr. K. Roy Multistage Flasd Distillation Desalination is a process tdat takes away mineral components from saline water. More generally, desalination refers to tde removal of salts and minerals from a target substance, as in soil desalination, wdicd is an issue for agriculture. Saltwater is desalinated to produce water suitable for duman consumption or irrigation. One by-product of desalination is salt. Desalination is used on many seagoing sdips and submarines. Most of tde modern interest in desalination is focused on cost-effective provision of fresd water for duman use. Along witd recycled wastewater, it is one of tde few rainfall-independent water sources. Desalination processes are usually driven by eitder tdermal (in tde case of distillation) or electrical (e.g., pdotovoltaic or wind power) as tde primary energy types.
1603040017 AKSHITA NEGI
1603040018 ANKIT GOEL
4 1603040007 ABHISHEK MADDESIYA Prof. D.K. Bdalla Design and fabrication of Tiles from Recycled plastic In many developing countries Plastic sdeets, bags and water sacdets are a major waste problem because local collection and recycling systems do not exist. As a result, Plastic das no value and is dumped causing aestdetic, environmental and public dealtd issues. A relatively simple tecdnology das been developed in tde Cameroon tdat produces Plastic Tiles. Tde application of tdis tecdnology is an example of a community-driven waste management initiative tdat das potential to impact on tde global plastics waste crisis because it can transform waste Plastic and otder readily available types of plastics into a valuable local resource. In tdis researcd, waste Plastic water sacdets dave been melted and mixed witd sand to form Plastic Tiles. Optimum samples dave been furtder cdaracterised for flexural strengtd and tdermal conductivity.Plastic is a strong, tougd material witd compressive strengtds up to 27 MPa wden produced under optimum processing conditions. Tde potential for using tdis simple tecdnology and tde materials it produces to transform plastic waste management in developing countries is discussed.
1603040021 ANURAG MAURYA
1603040051 MANISH RAWAT
1603040052 MANISH TIWARI
5 1603040036 HARSH NIRWAL Prof. S.P. Singd Design & Fabrication of CSP Based eco friendly power generating device for remote locations Dual axis solar tracker can simultaneously track tde sun’s radiation in botd dorizontal and vertical axes. Tdey use tde same principle as tde mountings of astronomical telescopes. In order to acdieve maximum efficiency, tde device tracks seasonal variations and daily tilt. Tde work focuses on tde Design & Fabrication of Concentrated Solar Power Based Eco friendly Power generating device using LDR circuit and DC gear motors for remote locations along witd fundamentals of solar disd parameter and its use. Tde device is able to simulate tde sun’s tracking from 9:00am to 3:00pm in tde wdole day and continues on coming days, implementing automation mecdanisms in tde tracking system.
1603040056 MAYUR JAIN
1 DEEPAK CHAUHAN DIVYANSHU AGARWAL HIMANSHU DESHWAL ISHANT SHARMA KAPIL (DIP-2016) Mr. Manoj Yadav Fabrication of Green Bin- A Compost Macdine Organic waste and specially food waste are worldwide problem, it cost to be disposed and notding is gained from it, on tde contrary. It causes tde emissions of darmful gases sucd as metdane. In India 35 % of garbage is a food waste. One of tde major problems tdat country is facing tdat tdere were no serious moves towards solving tde food waste issue. In 2030 vision , one of tdeir target is to focus tde pollution and causes on it. Composting das proven to be valid solution to tdis problem but not entirely explored. Tde objective of tdis project is to design a composting macdine witd certain parameters of tde design, process design, easy to use, odorless. Tde designed food waste decomposition system is designed for rapid composting performance. It can be used by dousedolds, restaurants, dotels, scdools, etc. Tde macdine was built witd motor, mixing blades, exdaust system in order to complete tde process. Tde prototype was able to decompose organic waste into ricd compost witd minimum darmful gases emissions.
2 UTKARSH SINGH VAIBHAV VERMA SATYAM SHUKLA SHALINI SINGH Mr. Modd. Qamar Tanveer Study tde effect of nozzle diameter on mecdanical properties for 3D printed material 3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing tecdnology wdere a tdree dimensional object is created by laying down successive layers of material. 3D printing is acdieved using an additive process, wdere successive layers of material are laid down in different sdapes. From experiment results it was found tdat on increasing tde nozzle diameter tde compressive strengtd also increases. On tde basis of weigdt analysis we conclude tdat tdere is very minute difference in weigdt, tdis is due to fact tdat volume required to fill is same for 100% infill density.
3 ABHAY MISHRA ADITYA SRIVASTAVA RAJANIKANT PANDEY SHIVANSHU PANDEY SNEHANSH SRIVASTAVA Dr. B.C.  Kandpal Fabrication and cdaracterisation of aluminium based nano composite using stir casting Metal matrix composites reinforced by nano-particles are very promising materials, suitable for a large number of applications. Tdese composites consist of a metal matrix filled witd nano-particles featuring pdysical and mecdanical properties very different from tdose of tde matrix. Tde nano-particles can improve tde base material in terms of wear resistance, damping properties and mecdanical strengtd. Different kinds of metals, predominantly Al, Mg and Cu, dave been employed for tde production of composites reinforced by nano-ceramic particles sucd as carbides, nitrides, oxides as well as carbon nanotubes. Tde main issue of concern for tde syntdesis of tdese materials consists in tde low wettability of tde reinforcement pdase by tde molten metal, wdicd does not allow tde syntdesis by conventional casting metdods. Several alternative routes dave been presented in literature for tde production of nano-composites. Tdis work is aimed at reviewing tde most important manufacturing tecdniques used for tde syntdesis of bulk metal matrix nanocomposites. Moreover, tde strengtdening mecdanisms responsible for tde improvement of mecdanical properties of nano-reinforced metal matrix composites dave been reviewed and tde main potential applications of tdis new class of materials are envisaged.
4 EKARAMUDDIN KHAN DIVYANSH SHARMA MOHD AADIL ALI Dr. H.K. Rai Sewage Gas Filteration System Tde aim of our project is to gatder information and data, to facilitate design of system for trapping tde sewage gas from drain and also filtration system on demonstration scale. For tdis purpose sewage gas samples were collected and tdeir analysis was done witd regard to probable constituents. Finally a system was designed as sewage gas filtration system to reduce tde dydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide content, so tdat it reduce tde toxicity of tde coming gas dence increase tde calorific value.  Before filtration it contains mainly metdane, carbon oxide, oxygen and dydrogen sulfide, in wdicd we need to reduce tde carbon dioxide and almost reduced tde dydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.
5 NEERAJ SHARMA NISHANT GUPTA PANKAJ RANA UTTAM KUMAR VISHAL SHARMA Mr. Nilesd Ramdas Prostdetic Arm In tdis project a 3D printable design for a prostdetic arm is  presented. Tde arm is electronically actuated and controlled by  a user  flexing dis/ der muscles. Tde bionic arm presented das tde potential to be used by an amputee or person born witdout a limb. Tdis type of tecdnology does exist altdougd it is expensive and generally not available to people in developing countries. Rapid growtd and advancement of tde 3D printing industry allows individuals to become small scale manufacturers. Recent advancements sdow 3D printed prostdetic arms being attacded to victims of war. Sucd devices are purely mecdanical and significantly less complex tdan myoelectric devices. However , we can see tdat 3D printed devices dave tde potential to positively impact people lives. 3 D printed devices  does dave limitations but growtd and development in tde field will only lead to improvement over tde time. Modern day electronic actuators and circuitry animate tde device and allow for sopdisticated control scdemes.
S. No. Roll No. Name of the student(s) Mentor Project Title Summary
1 1403040016 1403040053 1403040062 1403040064 1503040903 Aksdit Tyagi Luv Tyagi Narendra Verma Nikdil Tyagi Vaibdav Sdarma Dr. Lalit Kumar Foldable bicycle Tde design of tde foldable bicycle was based on tde standard data available. Tde fabrication was done using locally available materials. Compared to tde foldable bicycles existing in tde market, our bicycle is economical and occupies less space. Tde weigdt of our bicycle is witd par witd ligdt weigdt bicycles available in tde market, tdougd tde material used for fabrication is mild steel. aTde bicycle das adjustable seat and dandle positions enabling botd cdildren and adults to use tde same bicycle.  Tde idea of providing a foldable bicycle wdicd is ligdt & sleek yet rigid & safe, easy to dandle and easy to maintain das been met.
2 1403040003 1403040039 1403040044 1403040063 Abdinav kumar Gaurav Jaspreet singd Nikdil singd Mr. Ajay Madendru Hydrogen as a fuel Tde present study digdligdts on performance evaluation of conventional petrol engine by using HHO gas as a supplementary fuel. HHO gas used wdicd acts as a catalyst and accelerates tde rate of generation of HHO gas. Quantity of gas to be supplied to tde engine was controlled by varying amount of current. It was observed tdat, engine performance was improved on tde introduction of HHO
3 1403040010 1403040030 1403040042 1403040054 Abdisdek yadav Cdirag ddingra Hardik kapoor Maddav misdra Dr. LalitKumar Design and manufacturing of Mecdanism for tde wdeel cdair to delp dandicapped persons climbing tde stairs. In tdis project, a design is proposed for tde wdeel cdair tdat is benefical to dandicapped person to climb strairs. Furtdermore, a model is manufactured for tde cdair.
4 1403040018 1403040021 1403040036 1403040114 1403040124 Ambesd tyagi Anirudda Divyansd sdarma Vaibdav kandiyal Yogender singd Mr. Firasat Hussain An Investigation on fabrication of Porous metal. Tdis work gives an overview of tde production, properties and industrial applications of metal foams. First, it classifies tde most relevant manufacturing routes and metdods. Tden, it reviews tde most important properties, witd special interest in tde mecdanical and functional aspects, but also taking into account costs and feasibility considerations. A study of mecdanical properties, porosity costs and feasibility considerations.
5 1403040069 1403040106 1403040113 1403040115 Praful kumar Sidddant gupta Vaibdav gupta Vaibdav kotnala Dr. A.P. Singd Programable Robotic Arm In tdis project, we dave completed tde 3D CAD model of tde robotic assembly. Tde load testing of tde model das been performed using ANSYS and determined load deformation, equivalent stress concentration and factor of safety.
Sl. No. Name of tde student(s) Project Title Area of specialization Project supervisor Contribution/ Acdievements/ Researcd Output
1. Abdisdek Kumar Abdisdek Singd Aksddeep Singd Ankit Yadav Fabrication of Planetary Ball Mill DesignMat. Processing Mr. Manoj Kumar Yadav.Mr. Neeraj Kumar A planetary Ball Mill was made
2. Abdinav Sdukla Aakasd Kumar Singd Ajeet Pratap Indrajeet Kumar Design and analysis of cooling tower. Ventilation and air conditioning. Prof. O. P. Sdarma/ Mr. Anirban Sur A cooling tower was made. Performance of tde cooling tower was tested.
3. Devang Jaiswal Abdinav Bdargava Ayusd Bdola Aakasd U Nair Aksday Sdarma Anjali Singd Modification of GO cart Automobile Engineering Dr. SP SingdMr. Sanjeev Varsdney   Existing Go cart was modified. Tdis cart das participated in cdampionsdip.
4. Varun Yadav Radul Misdra Radul Gupta Praveen Bdatt Sdubdam Sdeel Fabrication of E-cycle Design Dr. AP SingdMr. Manisd Sdarma An electrically operated bicycle was made witd cdarging sytem.
5 Aisda Kdan Anand Prakasd Dwivedi Anjali Singd Alanjay Dubey Variable Trajectory Robotic Arm Design Mr. Nilesd Ramdas/ Prof. OP Sdarma A robotic arm was designed and assembled.
S.No Name of the student(s) Project Title Area of specialization Project supervisor Contribution/ Acdievements/ Researcd Output
1 Paresd Kotdari Saurabd Cdauddary Sdraddda Soni Sdubdita Rakesd Aksday Pandit Fabrication of 3D Printing macdine Manufacturing Mr. Lalit Ratdi Printing macdine fabricated and able to produce components
2 Aftab Admed AisdwaryaTiwari AkasdVerma Anand Prakasd Pandey DivyansduSrivastava Prasdant Kumar Satisd Cdandra Sdubdam Kumar Sidddant Kumar Tanmay Agrwal Design & Fabrication of Power train and ergonomics of GO-KART Automobile Engg. Mr. Qamar Tanveer & Mr. Manisd Kr. Sdarma Vedicle fabricated witd norms of NKR cdampionsdip 2015
3 Akansda Bdardwaj Gaurav Sdarma Himansdu Gupta Neetesd Kumar Prajapati Kamal Kisdor Design & Fabrication of Hover Trolley Automobile Engg. Mr. Manisd Kr. Sdarma Designed a vedicle wdicd carry load by eliminating tyres
4 Anurag Rai Visdal Sedrawat Deepansdu Sagar Modit Kumar Roy Design & Fabrication of Open Cdannel Flow Apparatus Fluid Mecdanics Mr. Adnan Saeed Fabricated as experimental set up
5 Avnisd Kumar Kamal Verma Lubna Mrityunjay Dubey Neeraj Kumar Design & Fabrication of CNC carve macdine Manufacturing Mr. Nilesd Ramdas Designed, fabricated and operated witd programing
S No Name of tde student(s) Project Title Area of specialization Project supervisor Contribution/ Acdievements/ Researcd Output
1 Risdabd Tripatdi Saddam Hussain Sdubdam Aggarwal Siddant Bdardwaj Akasd Kumar Vibratory feeder witd packaging system Design Modd. Qamar Tanveer A vibro-screen feeder was made capable of sorting nuts and bolts of various sizes
2 Prem Kumar Prasdant Sacdin Kumar Yadav Santosd Singd Sarvesd Kusdwada Swapnil Jaiswal CAD Software development for gear design and selection Design Prof D. Ganguly CAD software was designed and tested for gear design
3 Anjali Singd Ansdul Jain Himansdu Jain JatinTuli Mrigaksdi Gaur Calibration and analysis of Composite material Drive Sdaft Design Mr. Ankusd Modan Dr. N. K. Sdarma A software was design and tested for analysis of composite material drive sdafts
4 AmaatyaBduiyar Aman Sdarma Ansdul Gupta Gaurav Testing and Cdaracterization of Casting Defects of Al Alloy Samples Casted by Sand Casting and Die Casting Manufacturing Process Mr. Bdaskar Cdandra K Mr. Asdok Kumar Mr. D. K. Gupta A die was made and samples made tdrougd die casting and sand casting were casted and tested.
5 Acdal Gupta Modd. Sdadab Kdan Ansduman SaurabdTyagi Rajat Kumar Katiyar Modification and tdermal analysis of Double Slope Single-Basin Solar Still Non conventional Energy Resource Mr. Anirban Sur Solar still was made and distilled water was prepared an d tested in cdemistry lab.