Electronics and Communication Engineering

Best Projects

S.No Roll No. Student's Name Project Title Project Mentor Summary
1 1703031014 Akansh Garg AI Farming System Dr. Ramendra Singh In this project a prototype of multipurpose robot was developed which will help in reducing the manpower, effort and investment in agriculture.
1703031025 Anubhav Sharma
1703031118 Vishesh Goyal
1703031080 Pulkit Singh
2 1703031030 Ayush Bhatnagar Ingenious Parking System Dr. Amita Agnihotri This project proposes a modern solution to parking problems. Ingenious Parking system takes the raw data from the sensors and shows it on the liquid crystal display board outside the parking lot and also reflects the same via different colored light emitting diodes. A mobile application is additionally given that allows an end user/drivers to check the availability of parking space and book a parking space according to their need. Ingenious car parking system can increase the economy by reducing fuel consumption and also reduces pollution in urban areas.
1703031023 Ankur Khera
1703031028 Ashish Kumar Jha
1703031037 Dhairya Singh Tomar
3 1703031050 Ishan Rohatgi Automatic waste segregation system Dr. Meenakshi Sharma In this project an automatized system was developed to help save the lives of many and making the world a cleaner and greener place is the noble objective of this project. The proposed automatic waste segregation system implemented a classified segregation of waste at disposal level by employing a flip mechanism with sensors for smooth degradation and future reuse capability. It is designed to sort the waste into two main categories, wet and dry, thereby making waste management effective.
4 1703031021 Anjali Yadav Greenhouse Automatic Monitoring and controlling System Dr. Garima Gupta In this project, an automated greenhouse was built to minimize the human care needed for the plant by automating the greenhouse and the in-house environment status can be monitored. The microcontroller used to create the automated greenhouse was NodeMCU. This project utilizes three different sensors, an LDR sensor, a soil moisture sensor, and a temperature sensor. The sensors control the three actuators: a cooling fan, a light bulb, and a pump. The cooling fan is used to change the temperature and the pump is used to water the plant. The watering system and the temperature control system were tested both separately and together.
1703031072 Nishu Tyagi
1703031094 Shraddha Goel
1703031103 Sunidhi Goel
5 1703031010 Achintya Mishra Stair Climbing Robot Ms. Pooja Mishra Mobility in very rough terrain is often very limited due to the absence of adequate locomotion concepts. The aim of this project is to introduce a new class of locomotive concept that will have excellent off-road capabilities. As a first prototype of this class, this six-wheeled robot will have the capability of climbing the stairs of height equal to its diameter. It will possess maximum gripping capacity and stability during motion in rough terrain owing to the 6 differential driven wheel configurations.
1703031082 Rahul Gaur
1703031091 Shivam Gund
1703031093 Shivi Joshi
S.No Group No. Sec Roll No. Student's Name Project Title Project Mentor Summary
1 D6 C 1603031108 Pankaj Kushwaha SPDT switch-based reconfigurable antenna Mr. Pramod Kumar In this project, an active 3-D printed antenna was designed for beam steering applications for Unmanned Aerial Applications
C 1603031132 Rishabh Gupta
2 B13 C 1603031149 Satyam Shukla Hand gesture recognition, interpretation and translation Mr. Akshay Singh In this project, a system for hearing impaired people was developed. The tool was able to recognize the hand gestures captured using the camera
C 1603031141 Samarth Sharma
C 1603031137 Sachhidanand Jha
C 1603031142 Sanchit Rana
3 C9 B 1603031064 Hardik Smart blood oxygen & heart rate monitor with automatic data saving Ms. Archana Aggarwal In this project, a health monitoring system was designed which consisted of a wearable device that continuously monitors the health of the patient. This wearable device consisted of different sensors such as temperature sensors and heart rate sensors. The device collected the data in the form of biosignals from sensors and can send it to the hospital server for further storage and processing using wireless communication
B 1603031055 Dhruv
C 1603031143 Sanchit
B 1603031049 Ashmita
4 C17 D 1603031150 Shaheen Akhtar 8 bit-ALU with PCB implementation Ms. Shafali Jagga In this project, 8-bit ALU was designed on a set of breadboards for creating a tool for learning and understanding the practical working of the basic concepts of electronics and electronic components
D 1603031157 Shivam Singh
B 1603031091 Mayank
C 1603031147 Sarosh
5 A1 A 1603031021 Akash Dubey Advanced encryption standard with UART Ms. Tripti Tripathi In this project UART based AES standard was discussed, to provide a way of preventing and protecting data against unauthorized access and for securing the information on all internet-based applications like ATMs, Smartcards, E-commerce.
A 1603031015 Ajay Bisht
D 1603031175 Saurabh Arora
A 1603031026 Aman pare
S. No. Name Mentor Title Summary
1 Amardeep Kumar Jitendra Kumar Ankur Kumar Anurag Kesharwani Shailly Khanna Artificial Intelligent doctor This project was developed to prevent delays in the arrival of pateint’s medical information to healthcare provider particularly in accident and emergency situations.The architecture of this system was based on medical sensors which measure pateint’s physical parameters and a system which diagnosis and provides prescription live.
2 Kartik Shandilya Kaushal Chaudhary Praneet Nigam(D) Mohit Dubey Priyanka D Gupta Intelligent CART navigator In this project an intelligent cart was developed, based on Internet of Things and machine learning. It was an innovative shopping cart that helps in everyday shopping process. The device offered automated billing system and product recognition.
3 Shanu Thakur Nitin Chandra Pragya Priyanka Patel Ritu Agarwal IOT garbage monitoring system This was an IOT based project, in which a smart dustbin was developed. This dustbin was interfaced with Aurdino base system having ultrasonic sensor along with central system showing the current status of garbage with WiFi module.
4 Ashish Kumar Gupta Anurag Yadav Abhay Anuj Agrahari Vishal Gupta Smart irrigation system This project was based on the design of automated irrigation system using Arduino. It had temperature and soil moisture sensors to detect the water quantity present in fields which can help in improving crop production.
5 Archit Goel Aarushi Ahlawat Ajit Rawat Akshita Bisht Pooja Pathak Wireless driver for paralised person In this project a tongue system was developed for paralised person. It could recognise a wide array of tongue movements and move the motors of the connected wheelchair accordingly.
S. No. Student Name Mentor Title Summary
1 Raja Sharma  Rohit Mr. Mukhram Automatic Turn able to Plot Radiation Pattern & Calculate Parameters for Microwave Antennas Implemented, Functional, Practical Application
2 Satya Prakash  Aishwarya Pooja Bhatt Sagar Chaddha Mr. Akshay Singh Smart Irrigation Functional
3 Ram Krishna Prarthna Raushan Ara Ravi Prakash Ms. Shaifali Jagga Wireless Notice Board uisng GSM Prototype, Functional
4 Piyush Mishra Rishabh Vashishtha Shubham Singh Raghvendra Singh Mr. Kmal Raj Wireless Bomb Dispersal Robot Functional
5 Shubham kumar Varun Kumar Tarun Kansal Shivam Gupta Mr. Sumit Kumar Breath Analyszer Device for Alchohal Detection Prototype, Functional
S.No Name Mentor Title Summary
1 Shreya Gupta Sunakshi Sharma Vivek Jain Vivek Kumar Mr. Vishal Gupta Glow of street light on vehicle detection Implemented and Functional / Submitted research paper
2 Danish Ram Niwas Raman Raj Srivastava RashiKulshrestha Mr. Pratik Purohit Vehicle protection and anticollision systems Implemented and Functional
3 Garvit Mishra Dheeraj Sharma DeveshGhansal Dr.Praveen Malik, Dr. KC Tripathi Study of Antarctica Sea Ice Concentration (Data) and its effect on Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall using Artificial Neural Networks Techniques and system tools using MATLAB and GRADS Implemented and Functional
4 UtkarshKrishanAttray Vikrant Vashistha TanmoyKayori Pawan Kumar Mr. Pratik Purohit Water ATM using RF/ID Implemented and Functional
5 Ayush Gupta ManishaVerma Jyoti Singh AshutoshSomal Mr. Akshay Singh Design of a low cost Helmet  using GPS navigation system and microcontroller Implemented and Functional
S.No Name of the student(s) Project Title Project Supervisor Contribution /Achievement/ Research Output
1 Sudhir Kumar Nagar Utkarsh Gaurav YadavHemant Kumar Design DRA Antenna Mr. Pramod Kumar Implemented and Functional / Submitted research paper
2 Aastha Mehta Ankita SinghApoorva Dubey Deeksha Sharma Automatic Railway Gate Control System Ms. Shafali Jagga Implemented and Functional
3 Sanyog Mani Tripathi Satyam Raghuvanshi Saurabh SagarDevesh Singh Dhakrey RFID and GSM based student attendance monitoring system Ms. Pooja Pathak Implemented and Functional
4 Diksha Sachan Diksha VashisthaHarshit Bansal Himanshu Duhoon Bluetooth Based Home Automation using Android Device Ms. Priyanka D Gupta Implemented and Functional
5 Sanyog Mani Tripathi Satyam Raghuvanshi Saurabh SagarNand Kishor Image Processing using XILINX System Generator Dr. V. K. Gupta Implemented and Functional
S.No Name of the student(s) Project Title Project Supervisor Contribution /Achievement/ Research Output
1 Anuj Kumar Teotia Arpit Singh  Aakarsh Relan Abhishek Vimal Optical wireless Audio System Ms Priyanka Bhardwaj Implemented and Functional
2 Ayushi Birla Bhawna Pathak  Anshuman Singh Rea time face recognition system from surveillance video Ms Deepti Sharma Implemented and Functional
3 Pankaj Kumar Ray Nidhi Gupta  Ritika Singhal  Inderpal Singh Vaid TMS320C6713 based voice activated home appliance using matlab Ms Archna Aggarwal Implemented and Functional
4 Leena Yadav Nikita Malhotra  Varun Kumar Bhatia Paras Kathuria Sun tracking solar panel with mechanical lock during non-tracking period Ms. Shafali Jagga Implemented and Functional
5 Medha Arora Mohd. Sayem Hussan Reetesh Kumar Singh  Rahul Baranwal Study and basic working of DSP-FPGA board using Xilinx system generator Dr. V.K. Gupta Implemented and Functional
S.No Name of the student(s) Project Title Project Supervisor Contribution /Achievement/ Research Output
1 Sanket Rai Prasant Kr Shukla  Nagendra Kumar Rai Pramendra Yadav Wavelength division multiplexing simulation using matlab Ms. Pooja Mishra Implemented and Functional
2 Sarthak Agarwal Tarun Kumar  Taxali Kunal Ripudam  Udit Bhatnagar Design and implementation of active bandpass filter for low frequency RFID Ms. Ritu Agarwal Implemented and Functional
3 Nikhilesh Soni Namita Kumari  Nitesh Kumar Rohit Rai TMS320C6713 based speech operated home appliances Ms. Archana Agarwal Implemented and Functional
4 Abhijeet Srivastava Aishwarya  Kirti Tiwari  G S Madhavi Digital watermarking using matlab Ms. Garima Gupta Implemented and Functional
5 Abhishek Yadav Akash Kumar Ajay Kumar Gupta  Akhilesh Audio Signal denoising using Matlab and TMS320C6713 Dr. V.K. Gupta Implemented and Functional