Electronics and Communication Engineering

Industrial Collaborations

The memorandum of understanding was signed on the 24th July 2018 between the Dexterous Hub, New Futha road, Raipur Raja police Line, Bahraich-271801 (U.P.) And IPEC,63 Site IV, Surya Nagar Flyover Road, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, (U.P.) India 201010. The Dexterous Hub will run a course on Digital Marketing in accordance with a course content given in ANNEXTURE A from Aug 18 to Jul 2019 during weekends/ weekdays or in public holidays. The project aims towards the Selection of 4th year students through an examination and interview. After completion of course this will give all possible assistance to bring 2 companies in college. .
Incharge : Mr. Pramod Kumar MRDC is the leading manufacturer of the micro wave components and instruments for the industrial, defense and education sector. A MoU was signed on 25th June 2016 between Inderprastha engineering College and MRDC, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad. The project aim towards the transfer of technology of developed components to MRDC for commercial manufacture of the products. Students learn to design, develop and fabricate the prototypes formed by MRDC at college campus as well as at the campus of MRDC.
Incharge : Ms. Shaifali Jagga Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has established a new Centre of Excellence (COE) in VLSI and Embedded System. The purpose of this COE is to familiarize students with the design concepts of Analog & Digital Circuits and also to analyze their operation using Computer Aided Design tools like Cadence University PG Bundle and Vivado Design Suite. Students can develop projects based on modern high-speed Electronics, Communication, Instrumentation, Digital Signal Processing, VLSI and Embedded Systems by carrying out simulation and analysis of Analog & Digital building blocks. Students learn to implement designs on Artix-7 Nexys Video, Nexys-4 DDR, Basys-3, and Virtex-6 ML605 FPGA Boards. Also Skill Enhancement Programs are conducted on Analog and Digital Design Flow using EDA Tools that help students in placements in core companies.. The main aim of this COE is to bridge the gap between industry and academics and to enhance employability in core areas.
Incharge : Ms. Ritu Aggarwal To spur development, economical growth and thereby improving the living standard, the engineering education has to play a crucial role in providing a huge pool of skilled, knowledgeable and industry ready engineers. To ensure ready deployment in structured industry, regular work streams, specific training is essential. To fit this requirement IPEC-ECE has team up with EdGate technologies which is partner of TI India University Program. EdGate Technologies is a technology development and training provider in embedded system design domain. It imparts both hardware design and software development, with expertise covering many processors (especially ARM microcontrollers) and real time operating systems. In addition to a prototyping platform, an off-the-shelf deployment solution will save students time and money by decreasing integration costs and reducing verification and certification expenses. TI university program is the interaction between the TI technology educators and the engineers tomorrow. The advanced analog and embedded processing technologies fuel the processing of students and educators in university lab worldwide. Under this agreement EdGate will provide hardware and curriculum, lab setup, faculty development program , workshops and training program to accommodate.
Incharge : Dr. Swati Vaid In this club we encourage the students to learn new electronics concepts and technologies like IoT. We provide the guidance for the exploring young minds to design, experiment and construct various electronic circuits. Here, students get a practical hands on exposure of basic component identification, programming, PCB designing, fabrication and testing. .
A memorandum of understanding have been signed on 30th Sept. 2016 between NISWA industrial automation training & Inderprastha Engineering College. Initially a batch of 60 students are getting training for a period of 2 months, 3 days for 2 hours/week. The objective of this collaboration is to promote and enhance academic interest between NISWA industrial automation training & Inderprastha Engineering College and advice for implementation of quality of education at NIAT.